August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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August Belmont and his relationship to the Suffolk ClubSH13Suffolk Club & "Fireplace" Hard EstateThis email, a collection of notes by Dr. Richard Thomas on the purported connections August Belmont had with the Suffolk Club. Except for several secondary references, he has not been able to find any contempory references to August Belmont being a founder, organizer or incorporator, although he definitely visited the preserve, perhaps as guest, and surely was of the same social circle as the Club's members.
Incorporation of the Suffolk ClubSH13Suffolk Club & "Fireplace" Hard EstateThe Suffolk Club was incorporated by an act of the New York State legislature on 11 April 1860. This document contains notes by researcher Dr. Richard Thomas on its incorporation. Included is a link to the actual act of incorporation.
The 1860 incorporators of The Suffolk Club aka the Suffolk County SocietySH13Suffolk Club & "Fireplace" Hard EstateIn this email from researcher Dr. Richard Thomas, brief biographical research notes on the incorporators of the Suffolk Club is given.
Suffolk Club Purchases Hunting Reserve from Henry W. CarmanSH13Suffolk Club & "Fireplace" Hard EstateIn 1875, the exclusive Suffolk Club purchased the core of their hunting reserve from Henry Carman. Prior to that time they and their predecessor organizations had leased the lands and hunting rights from the Carman family.
Account of Poaching: Locals Win Over the Rich and Famous (pdf)SH13Suffolk Club & "Fireplace" Hard Estate 
Suffolk County ParksSH13Suffolk Club & "Fireplace" Hard Estate 
History of the Carman's River, a presentation by Marty Van Lith (March 2008)SH13Suffolk Club & "Fireplace" Hard Estate 
Ken Spooner's "SUFFOLK CLUB"SH13Suffolk Club & "Fireplace" Hard Estate 
Webster's Big FishSH13Suffolk Club & "Fireplace" Hard EstateThis page includes a transcript of an 1895 Brooklyn Eagle article on Daniel Webster's Famous Giant Fish caught in the Carman's River, along with a discusion of ownership rights to the river.