August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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Cannon found in Memorial ParkBr06A.1-SValentine's Corner (Memorial & Fire Place Parks)This document is a report by Dr. Richard A. Thomas on the cannon found in the Memorial Park, including it's origin and manufacture.
Chain Around Memorial ParkBr06A.1-SValentine's Corner (Memorial & Fire Place Parks) 
Honor Rolls - Memorial Triangle ParkBr06A.1-SValentine's Corner (Memorial & Fire Place Parks)"Honor Roll" plaques commemorating those who served their country from the Revolutionary War to modern times have been placed in the Memorial Triangle Park. This link documents the names on the rolls.
Brookhaven Unveils WW II Memorial PlaqueBr06A.1-SValentine's Corner (Memorial & Fire Place Parks)This article, from the Patchogue Advance, 5 Jun 1952, p. 9, reports on the formal unveiling and dedication of the World War II memorial plaque installed on the Memorial Triangle. It supplemented a World War I plaque previously installed.
About the Cannon - Great War ForumBr06A.1-SValentine's Corner (Memorial & Fire Place Parks)This "forum" participants discusses the make & model of the "cannon" found in the Memorial Park. Participants in the forum suggest that it may not be of WWI vintage, but predate it, perhaps of Spanish-American War vintage. Comments in this forum are largely superceded by Thomas's report above