Hawkins Sources

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The Hawkins Family Line

The Hawkins family line on Long Island is very large and well documented.

So far, all the Hawkins' who have lived in Brookhaven Hamlet have been found to have descended from Zachariah Hawkins.  Zachariah was born in Massachusetts about 1639 and came to Setauket, Long Island, sometime before 1663.

My record of the Hawkins' in the Hamlet People database came almost exclusively from two works published by the Hawkins Association:

Ralph Clymer Hawkins.  A Hawkins Genealogy, 1635 - 1939: Record of the the Descendents of Robert Hawkins of Charlestown, Massachusetts.  The Hawkins Association.  Originally printed in 1939; reprinted Baltimore 1987.

Susan H. Carmiencke and Bayard C. Carmiencke, compilers.  A Hawkins Genealogy Supplement, Vol. II: Record of the Descendants of Robert Hawkins of Charlestown, Massachusetts.  The Hawkins Association. 2001.

These publications are available from The Hawkins Association, PO Box 2392, Setauket, NY 11733.  (1939 Edition reprint, $45.00 plus $5.00 postage.  Volume II, $50.00 plus $5.00 postage).  They also are available at several Libraries in Suffolk County.

Before I had access to these reference works, some of the records were obtained from internet sources.  My suspicion is that almost all of these internet sources originally derived from the Hawkins Association references.  As time permits, I will be returning to some of the original entries and changing the references where appropriate.

Because the family line is so well documented, and intertwines with so many of the other families of the Hamlet, these genealogy references are a major source of information in the Hamlet People database -- not only just the Hawkins'.

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