2008 Rose Family Cemetery
Restoration Project

The following individuals and organizations contributed to the 2008 Rose Cemetery Restoration Project*.

Fire Place History Club, including Marty Van Lith, project manager; John Deitz; Eben Ludlow; Faith McCutcheon; Ron Kinsella; Diane Martens; Ben Savage; Helen Geraghty; and with gratitude for all those who donated items to, worked on and patronized our Fall yard sale.
Brookhaven Village Association
John Deitz
Robert & Gloria Brown
Dominick Cavallo, Sea Cliff
Lynn & Gary Brown
Mary Jane & Brian Cullen
Kathleen & Kris Holmberg
Ann Lucas
Margot & Jeremy Palermo
Daniel & Christine Araujo
Dorothy Jones, East Patchogue
Frederick Billings
Sarah Knowles
Joan & Dick Watson
Connie & Tom Ludlam, Cutchogue
Victor and Eileen Nazzaro
Karen Rowley
Jen & Pete Clement
Tom & Ellen Williams
Rick Mohlmann
Doris Epner, Brooklyn
N. Blair & Joan Munhofen
Meg & George Koch, Rockville Center
Ann Wiswall

* Brookhaven Hamlet residents unless noted.

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