South Haven Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Gravestone Inscriptions

The table below is based on the 1925 manuscript. The grey boxes are arranged approximately as they appear on the 1925 manuscript, and the text is as it appears on this record except as noted.   These entries are supplemented with information found in the 1938 MacCormick and 1939 Brookhaven Town listings, which were arranged alphabetically.  MacCormick's 1938 record also included notations on the type of stone and its then condition -- these are noted within parenthesis in the left column.  She also recorded the epitaph if any, which has been incorporated into the transcription. There are other minor variations between the two reports, which are also noted to the left of the inscription.

Except as noted, all appear on the Town of Brookhaven report.

  13     11
(Marble - good)
MacCormick records date as
March 15, 1845
AE 76 yrs"
David Homan
d. March 15, 1845
aged 76 years
  (Marble - good)
Epitaph from MacCormick.
MacCormick records date as
"died May 26, 1864
AE 62 years"
Angeline Homan
wife of Charles Homan
and daughter of David
and Bathsheba Homan
d May 26. 1864
aged 62 years
Sleep on my love in the cold bed
Never to be disquieted.
My last "Good night" - thou wilt not make
Til I thy fate shall overtake.
Til age or grief or sickness must
Marry my body to that dust
It so much loves - and fill the room
My heart keeps vacant in thy tomb.
12 8
(Marble - good)
MacCormick records date as
March 13, 1859
AE 89 years"
Bathsheba, wife of
David Homan
d. March 13, 1859
aged 89
  (Marble - good)
MacCormick records middle initial as "G."
Town of Brookhaven records middle name as "Corey"
David C
son of
Seaman & Angeline Hansen
d. May 24 1856
1 year 6 mo
7 6
(Marble - good)
MacCormic records death age as "AE 41 yrs 1 mo 10 ds"
Nehemiah Hand
who with ten others
was drowned off the
South Beach
Nov. 5, 1813
aged 41 - 1 - 10.
  (Marble - good)
MacCormick records death age as "AE 87 yrs 3 mo & 14 Days"
Town of Brookhaven listing also records under "Mary Rowland" and "Mary De Forrest"
1925 record inserts "[Mapes]" after given name.
Mary wife of
Nehemiah Hand
later of T. W. Rowland
still later of
David De Forrest
d. May 15, 1871
aged 87 - 3 - 14
18 17
(Marble - good)
MacCormick records as
July 9, 1802
June 23 1883"
This stone does not appear on the Town of Brookhaven record.
Oliver Platt
b. July 9, 1802
d. June 23, 1883
  (Marble - good)
MacCormick records as
wife of
Oliver Platt
Born Aug 1, 1804
Died Dec 23, 1871"
Huldah, wife of
Oliver Platt
b. Aug. 1, 1804
d. Dec. 23, 1871
(Sandstone - broken)
MacCormick record year as "A.D. 1779"
Town of Brookhaven report records 1772.

In Memory of
Nathaniel Brewster
Esq. who departed
this Life June 21
in the 57 year
of his Age

3 2
(Slate - good)
MacCormick records:
"[foot stone]
Mrs Elizabeth
Here lies interred
the body of Mrs
Elizabeth Conkline
du. of Mr John &
Mrs Sarah Conkline
who died March ye 17th
Aged 52 years
3 months & 4 days
  (Sandstone - fallen repaired, insc. faint)
MacCormick records as "Conkline," Town of Brookhaven records "Conklin."
Mr Joseph
Conklin (e?)
died Nov 13
AD 1780 in the
80th year of his age
  (small - marble)
On MacCormick's record this stone is inserted after the one above.  It does not appear on the 1925 report.  It was likely the footstone for #3.
(Slate - fair)
First line from MacCormick

The headstone is no longer readable. 

Here lies ye Body of
Mrs Sarah Hudson
wife to Mr Jonathan Hudson
who died Sept ye 11th 1746 in ye
72d year of Her Age
23 22
(Sandstone - flat)
Epitaph as recorded by MacCormick.  She also records a footstone labled "Rev. D.R." and the notation: "Marker placed by Col. Joshua Smith Chapter D.A.R."
Memory of
the Reverend
David Rose
who departed this life
Janry the 1st 1799
in the 63rd year of his
Religion while he dwelt below
Its sacred influence on him shed
Learning and Grace around his brow
and round their balmy odours spread
(Sandstone - flat repaired)
MacCormick records inscription as:
"Erher(?) Daughter
of the Rev. David
& Mrs. Hannah
Rose who died
June 6th A D 1789
in the 18th Year of her age."
Town of Brookhaven records name as "Esther."  Modern reading is "Esther".
Est[h]er daughter of the
Rev. David & Mrs.
Hannah Rose
died June 6 1789
18th year
(Sandstone - flat repaired)
Stone as recorded by MacCormick reads:
"In memory of
Mrs. Bershua wife
of the Rev. David
Rose who departed this life May 14
A D 1784
in the 36th Year
of her age
Wife of David Rose"
Mrs Bershua wife
of the Rev David Rose
died May 14 1784
In the 36th year of her age
15 20
(Marble - good)
MacCormick records date as
Dec 24, 1862
AE 77 yrs
7 mo & 19 d's"
Thomas Hulse
d. Dec 24 1862
ae. 77 - 7 - 19
(Marble - good)
Epitaph transcribed by MacCormick.
MacCormick records name as "Ridder"
Town of Brookhaven records name as "Rider"
Phebe wife of
James Rider
died Jan. 12 1824
ae 37 yr.. 3 mo.
Jesus can make a dying bed
Feel soft as downy pillows are
While on his breast I lean my hand
And breathe my life out sweetly there
(Marble - fair)
First 2 lines from MacCormick

Following this entry, MacCormick records a small sandstone monument with the initials "A.M.", likely a footstone.

to the memory of
James Miller a Native of
Edinburgh, Scotland
Aged 52 years [no date]
(Marble - worn) Marie S. D. Sorgenfrie
a native of Germany
d. Feb 1855, ae. 20 years
(Marble - good)
Epitaph from MacCormick.
MacCormick records date as
Feb. 14 1867
Aged 81 y's 11 m's
&14 d's"
Joel Hawkins
d. Feb 14 1867
ae. 81 y. 11 m. 14 d.
Go home dear children dry your tears
I must lie here till Christ appears,
Now for me no morning take
But trust in Jesus for my sake.
(Marble - good)
Epitaph from MacCormick.
MacCormick records date as
Sept 6, 1865
AE 76 y's, 1 mo. &
25 d's"
wife of Joel Hawkins
d. Sept. 6, 1865
ae. 76 y. 1 m. 25 d.
Low, where this stately marble weeps
A friend in Christ, a mother sleeps
Years of affection she did bear
Ere death released her to her saviors care

The following stones appear on the 1838 MacCormick report but not in the 1925 listing.

I believe that Philothea [Homan] and her husband William H. Corwin were first interred in the small Homan family cemetery (Brookhaven Town cemetery #80) now deep within the Wertheim National Wildlife refuge.  Memorial stones were reportedly moved to the Presbyterian Church cemetery in the 1930's (apparently because of vandalism and desecration), which would explain why they do not appear on the 1925 survey.  While there are "Homan" monuments in the South Haven Church cemetery, they were recorded in the 1925 survey and probably were original.  The Town of Brookhaven cemetery list (circa 1939) records only a Jonathan Howell at the Homan cemetery; this stone has been relocated to the Oaklawn Cemetery (Brookhaven Town cemetery #21) in the Homan plot.

(Marble - good)

Philothea Homan [Corwin].  Monument likely was originally in the Homan Family Cemetery.

widow of
William H. Corwin
Nov. 3, 1858
AE 56 yrs 1 mo
23 ds
And I heard a voice from heaven
Saying unto me
Blessed are the dead which die in the
Lord from henceforth; yea saith the Spirit
that they may rest from their labors
and their works do follow them
(Marble - good)

Stone likely was originally in the Homan Family Cemetery.

In March, 2003, stone was upright. In April, 2005; the stone was cracked and laying flat.

Wm. H. Corwin
May 23 1852
AE 46 yrs 7 ms 8 ds
Weep not for me but weep for yourselves
an your children

There is an undated notation at the end of the 1925 record:  "Not all -- wife of Abner Reeve" suggesting that Deborah's gravestone was known.  Why it was not included in the 1925 record but capable of being transcribed in 1938 is a mystery.  It was identified in 1993 as #19.

(Sandstone - fair)

This stone is no longer readable.

Here Lyes intwrr'd
The body of Deborah
wife of Abner Reeve
who died the 18 Day
of November 1759
aged 42 years

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