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August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900

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    Beaverdam Creek

Beaverdam Creek, looking north from the Beaverdam Rd. bridge.  This estuary flows north to south, and is tidal at this point.  The creek was also known as Valentine's Creek, named after an owner of the Hamlet's general store (now called the Brook Store) located on South Country Rd. at the creek.

Beaverdam Creek, looking south from Beaverdam Road, toward the Great South Bay.  The creek is navigable for small boats up to the bridge from which this picture is taken.  It is about 1 mile from this point to the Bay.  On some old maps, the creek is called Beaverdam River -- a cartographer's joke?

P1010012.JPG (213279 bytes)

This is Beaverdam Creek about one-half mile upstream of the first picture, just south of South Country Rd..  It's maybe 3-4 feet wide at this point.  Not much of a stream!

This pond on Beaverdam Creek is just north of South Country Rd., a 100 feet or so upstream (north) of the previous picture.  The highway and conduit forms a dam.  At one time, there was a mill at this location.  Built about 1742, it apparently was never very successful, probably because of the weak flow and the more powerful mills to the east on the Carman's River.  

P1010015.JPG (211085 bytes)

P1010011.JPG (207378 bytes)

This a small "vest-pocket" park on Beaverdam Creek at South Country Rd.  Maintained by the Town of Brookhaven, it is a favorite location for wedding pictures.  There is some evidence that this is where the mill originally may have been sited. An 1873 map shows a "trout" pond covering the site; the pond on the other side of the road (above) is also labeled as a trout pond.

This is the entrance of Beaverdam Creek into the Great South Bay.  To the left and behind the "lighthouse" home are dredged canals and more houses.  The marshlands on both sides of the creek are now all protected, limiting the likelihood of further development.

P1010015.JPG (202104 bytes)

beaverdam_creek_arial_view.jpg (62971 bytes)

This is an aerial view of Beaverdam Creek, looking north.

Picture courtesy of the Brookhaven Village Association.

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