Ralph T. Overton

Ralph, frequently mention in the Irma D. Newey Diary, is likely Ralph T. Overton, son of Whitman and Lydia A. Overton of Bayport, Town of Islip, Suffolk County, NY. He was the express agent at the Brookhaven Hamlet depot the UPS man of his day.  He was born 15 Jun 1882, died Jan 1965.  He was six years older than Irma.  Ralph is never directly given a last name, but his sister "Miss Yetta Overton" (b. abt 1875) is mentioned, as well as a sister Inez (b. abt 1871).  Irma also mentions that he visited his parents in Bayport.

In 1900 he was living with his parents in Bayport, along with his sister Yetta.  He was an "expressman."  He married, about 1907, Edna Castillo (b. abt. 1887), and in 1910 was living in Hyde Park, Dutchess County, NY.  He was a telegrapher.  In 1917-18 he registered for the WWI draft and was living in the Town of Staatsburg, Dutchess County NY.   In 1920 he was living with his wife and children David (age 6) and Isabelle (age 3 3/12) in Staatsburg, and was manager of his own hardware manufacturing shop.  In 1930, he and family were living with his brother-in-law Ralph Castillo (b. abt. 1892) in Water Mill, Town of Southampton, Suffolk County.  In the household were his son David and daughter Eleanor (age 14) --  Eleanor was likely Isabelle of the 1920 census.  He was an insurance agent.

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