August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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Hamlet People Associate with Historic Sites

The following individuals or families are believe to have been associated with the specific Sites.  All sites are not associated with an individual in the Hamlet People database.  In some cases, a reference in the Inventory may have been too ambiguous to provide a positive link to a specific individual (for example, "a member of the Rose family."  Over time, some of this ambiguity should disappear as I find more information.  And I'm always appreciative of corrections and advice.

  • Residences:  I do not list every member of a family who may have lived in a residence‚ÄĒprimarily just those who may have built the house, were an early resident "head of household", or who were otherwise prominent in the community.  In some cases, association with other family members may be found in the Hamlet People database.
  • Non-residence Properties:  I also indicate individuals closely associated with non-residence properties, such as the merchant owner, or church minister.

Click on the Name to view the individuals' genealogy and family history.

NameInventory CodeInventory NameComment
Antonio Savage Br36.105-SLeszkowicz Duck FarmTony Savage owned the southern most farm of the three duck ranches that were eventually combined to comprise the Leszkowicz duck farm along Old Stump road.
John Kuzmech Br36.105-SLeszkowicz Duck FarmJohn Kuzmech owned the more northerly duck ranch of the three duck farms that were eventually combined to form the Leszkowicz duck farm.
Adam Leszkowicz Br36.105-SLeszkowicz Duck Farm 
Ignatz Leszkowicz Br36.105-SLeszkowicz Duck Farm 
Joseph (John) Leszkowicz Family Br36.105-SLeszkowicz Duck Farm