August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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Notes on Records Relevant to the Mills and Properties at South HavenSH02Carmans Mills and Carman Homestead and TavernRichard A. Thomas has investigated various source records relevant to the mills and properties at South Haven, Suffolk County, NY during the Colonial period.
Webster's Giant TroutSH02Carmans Mills and Carman Homestead and Tavern 
Suffolk Club Purchases Hunting Reserve from Henry W. CarmanSH02Carmans Mills and Carman Homestead and TavernIn 1875, the exclusive Suffolk Club purchased the core of their hunting reserve from Henry Carman. Prior to that time they and their predecessor organizations had leased the lands and hunting rights from the Carman family. The "Carman homestead" dwelling was apparently not included in this sale to the Suffolk Club.
Webster's Fish?SH02Carmans Mills and Carman Homestead and TavernThis page includes a transcript of an 1895 Brooklyn Eagle article on Daniel Webster's Famous Giant Fish caught in the Carman's River, along with a discusion of ownership rights to the river.