August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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Richard A. Thomas memorandum: Carman River Corporation and its principals.SH01AWertheim National Wildlife RefugeWhile Maurice Wertheim should justifiably be credited with the donation of his hunting lodge and estate to form the core of the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge, he was greatly assisted by the earlier purchases of two men, Eversley Childs and Alfred W. Erickson and their Carman River Corporation. for the accumulationof property along the lower reach of the Carman's River, which preserved much of it from development pressures. This little know piece of the Refuge story is documented in this memorandum by Dr. Richard A. Thomas, a researcher and contributing member of the Fire Place History Club.

Friends of WertheimSH01AWertheim National Wildlife RefugeThe Friends of Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge (FOW) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the enduring protection, management and appreciation of Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge and its environs.
Fish & Wildlife Service - Long Island RefugesSH01AWertheim National Wildlife RefugeThis 2,550 acre refuge on the south shore of Long Island is bisected by the Carmans River—New York State-designated wild and scenic and one of the largest. Wertheim hosts a variety of habitats including oak-pine woodlands, grasslands, and fresh, brackish and salt water wetlands. These habitats attract and support many types of wildlife including white-tailed deer, osprey, muskrat, fox, turtles, frogs and fish. The refuge also serves as a haven for waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors, and songbirds.