August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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Long Island Duck Farm History and Ecosystem Restoration Opportunities Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. Feb. 2009 (pdf)Br36.105-SLeszkowicz Duck FarmSuffolk County Department of Planning: The duck farm industry during the twentieth century was an important segment of the agricultural economy in Suffolk County. It was also a period of extremely intensive land use along stream and bay shorelines. There were ninety duck farms located in the Towns of Brookhaven, Southampton and Riverhead in 1940. The impacts of duck farming were dramatic, both on-site and off-site. Extensive landform alterations were made to construct animal pens, feed lots and swim ponds, which were often located directly on or adjacent to streams/coves of the bays. …
Included are charts and graphs.
Friends of Wertheim Newsletter, Spring 2004 (pdf)Br36.105-SLeszkowicz Duck FarmTwo Refuge-Related Restoration Projects Under Way: Little Neck Run. Located on Wertheim’s western boundary, this lovely tributary of the Carmans River was once the site of the Leskowicz duck farm. This operation destroyed native habitats and opened up the property to invasion by exotic plants ….