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The Great Concreting Controversy of 1931 by Richard ThomasBr16.0-SBeaver Dam RoadIn 1931, the Town of Brookhaven proposed paving Beaver Dam road from South Country road across the Beaver Dam creek bridge to Bay road (later to Fire Place Neck road.) This "improvement" was not readily accepted by everyone in Brookhaven hamlet. This article, from the Brookhaven Village Association Fall 2013 newsletter, discusses the ensuing controversy.
Beaver Dam Road: Road laid out at Fire Place, Town RecordsBr16.0-SBeaver Dam RoadThis document is a slightly edited version of an email dated 5 Sep 2013, prepared by Richard Thomas of the Fire Place History Club, in answer to an enquiry he received from a Newsday reporter. It discusses some of the documented history of the road.
Beaver Dam Road Bridge at Beaver Dam Creek, 1935Br16.0-SBeaver Dam RoadThis article is an excerpt from a longer article by Helen M. Ewing that appeared in the Patchogue Advance newspaper, 15 February 1935 page 11, titled: "The History of Beaver Dam Road Recalls Old Days in Brookhaven."
The Great Starke FloodBr16.0-SBeaver Dam RoadIn 1910, August Starke attempted to clear Beaver Dam Creek south of the bridge on Beaver Dam road to make it navigable with unintended consequences.
1858 Survey of Beaver Dam roadBr16.0-SBeaver Dam RoadOn page 99 of the Records of the Town of Brookhaven, 1856-1885 is recorded a "survey of a three rod public road from the land of Sam'l Carman at Squawsucks, across Fireplace Neck to Beaver Dam lower crossing -- Magnetic course." This road was Beaverdam Rd., and its right-of-way was 49.5 feet (3 rods).

This survey is useful as it indicates some of the residences on the road at that time, and their exact locations. A table records the actual surveyor's dimensions and a modern map has been drawn scaled from these dimensions. N. Miller, Jr. was the Surveyor. The survey was apparently conducted 20 July 1858.

Beaver Dam Road Bridge ReplacementBr16.0-SBeaver Dam RoadIn late August 2013, Suffolk County, NY, rebuilt the approximately seventy-four year old bridge on Beaver Dam road across the Beaver Dam creek. This series of photographs documents the work. One group of pictures was taken each day during the bridge's reconstruction.