August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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A Postcard From 1912 Returns to BrooklynBr09F.1-SHoly Trinity Holiday HouseA post card of the Holy Trinity Holiday House mailed from Brookhaven Hamlet in 1912 was received by a Brooklyn family in 2011. Article from the New York Times, June 17, 2011.
St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Brooklyn Heights, NYBr09F.1-SHoly Trinity Holiday HouseThe founder and patron of the Holy Trinity Holiday House.
Phillip Hubert EstateBr09F.1-SHoly Trinity Holiday HouseThis Brookhaven/South Haven historic sites data sheet includes an overlay map showing the approximate boundaries of the Phillip Hubert and adjacent James W. Post estates, and identifies the various residences and structures, including the location of the now razed Holy Trinity Holiday House.