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Fire Place Congregational Church Minutes March 27, 1848 - Purchase of Lecture HallBr05CChapel houseA copy of the Fire Place (now Brookhaven), New York, Congregational Church minutes of March 27, 1848 recorded the purchase of the "Lecture Hall" from Richard Corwin, Jr.
Fire Place Congregational Church Minutes Richard A. Thomas TranscriptionBr05CChapel houseThis document includes an annotated transcript of the Congregational Church's minutes from 1842 to 1874/75 when it apparently became defunct. The building was then deeded to the South Haven Presbyterian Church.

Also included in this documents are annotated excerpts from the Trustee and Session minutes of the South Haven Presbyterian Church as they relate to the Lecture Hall/Chapel.

The property is finally sold to a private owner, Mr. George Morse, in 1948.

Post Addition to Chapel House PropertyBr05CChapel houseIn 1903 James H. Post purchased a small addition to the original Chapel House property and donated it to the South Haven Presbyterian parish, which enabled it to be more conveniently sited further back from its bounding roads.

This August 2009 document by Richard A. Thomas discusses this purchase, and includes excerpts from the relevant deeds (including the 1848 Corwin deed to the Fire Place congregational church society.)

Location of the South Corner of the Lecture RoomBr05CChapel houseIn this 15 Sept. 2009 email, Dr. Richard A. Thomas further documents his research that addresses, in part, the question of where the Chapel House (Lecture Room) was originally located, and whether it was moved more than once.

Evidence that the building was ever on the west side of South Country road is weak and ambiguous. He concludes that it was moved only once—from its original location close on to the roadway to a new more convenient siting somewhat further back.