August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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Communities Long Gone … Old InletBr01.6-SFire Place & Old Inlet Beach ClubsOld Inlet was just that! According to old maps at the Maritime Museum in West Sayville, between 1763-1827, this area had an wide inlet from the bay to the ocean. It is now long since closed up, but during the worst storms, minor ocean wash-over can be seen running to the bay. It has opened as a very minor inlet, in the last 30 years, but mother nature quickly closed it up. This 2 mile stretch of Fire Island is one of the flattest areas of the island.
While Old Inlet was never a community, it was once a private bathing beach called The Old Inlet Club, which members used for ocean swimming and occasional picnics. It had a dock and a picnic shelter similar to the one at Bellport Beach. There was a dock on the bay and a winding boardwalk to the Ocean. Along the way were a small set of bath houses where beach goers could change their clothing and shower with cold, fresh water.
History of the Fire Place and Old Inlet Beach Clubs by Robert StarkBr01.6-SFire Place & Old Inlet Beach ClubsRecorded Jan 23, 2003. Revision 1, by Bob Starke, January 28, 2003. Revision 2, by Bob and Helen Starke, February 5, 2003. Bob Starke is now deceased.