August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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Beaver Dam Road Bridge ReplacementBr01.1-SBeaver Dam CreekIn late August 2013, Suffolk County, NY, rebuilt the approximately seventy-four year old bridge on Beaver Dam road across the Beaver Dam creek. This series of photographs documents the work. One group of pictures was taken each day during the bridge's reconstruction.
Beaver Dam Road Bridge at Beaver Dam Creek, 1935Br01.1-SBeaver Dam CreekThis article is an excerpt from a longer article by Helen M. Ewing that appeared in the Patchogue Advance newspaper, 15 February 1935 page 11, titled: "The History of Beaver Dam Road Recalls Old Days in Brookhaven." Photographs did not appear in the original article.
The Great Starke FloodBr01.1-SBeaver Dam CreekIn 1910, August Starke attempted to clear Beaver Dam Creek south of the bridge on Beaver Dam road to make it navigable with unintended consequences.
Beaver Dam Creek Watershed Management Plan - June 2009Br01.1-SBeaver Dam Creek 
Post-Morrow Beaver Dam Creek Conservation ProjectBr01.1-SBeaver Dam Creek 
Post-Morrow Winter 2002 Newsletter Beaver Dam Creek Restoration ProjectBr01.1-SBeaver Dam Creek 
Beaverdam Creek, Newsday, 23 Jun 2002Br01.1-SBeaver Dam Creek