August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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Photo ID: 610
Name: East Face, Street Side
Type: Modern
Date: Uncertain
Site Data Sheet Link Code: Br36.188-S
Inventory Name: Murdock House
Address: 188 Old Stump Rd.
Source: Barbara Kresse Collection
Source Call Number: kresse/../photos/oldstumproad/188OldStump2c

Comment: This photograph, from the Barbara Kresse Collection, was undated but perhaps taken in the 1980-90s. It had the following notation: "Martha and Paul Temme bought their house from the Murdocks. Mrs. Temme came from Germany with Ella Gerhardt. They were both friends in the city. Martha worked for Mrs. Michelsen in the city and then also in Brookhaven. She cleaned the house [Rossmore, 191 Old Stump Rd.]. They moved across the street in Brookhaven to be nearer her job. She also cleaned the Lush [house] on the river. There was a path from her house straight thru to the river, instead of roundabout on the road."

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