August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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Photo ID: 81
Name: Weissman House
Type: Modern
Date: 28 Apr 2003
Site Data Sheet Link Code: Br27A
Inventory Name: Weissmann House [Tiger House]
Address: 270 Beaver Dam Road at Edgar Avenue
Source: Deitz
Source Call Number: 030428/P4280008

Comment: Looking south. Originally built about 1925 by Vernon S.Tiger, partner with Walter E. Corrigan in the large Tiger Nursry farm that stretched from their homes on Beaver Dam Rd. south to the marshes of the bay. Corrigan's home has Historic Structure ID Br26A.

About The Weissman's by Richard Beyer
Fritz and Ella Weissman were our friends. I suspect they may not have had too many friends in Brookhaven because they were "weekend people." They had a bakery in Brooklyn where they worked very hard all week. When they came out to Beaverdam Road on the weekends, they would bring us whatever had not sold on Friday at the bakery. Even with my endless appetite, it only took a few months for us to tire of the chocolate cakes and other goodies and we shared them with many of our friends in the Hamlet and with Church people who knew where such items could do the most good.

As I recall Fritz and Ella had no children or any other family. They always seemed a bit shy but I suspect that was because their English was not perfect and they retained heavy German accents. Their smiles, however, would melt almost any such artificial barriers. I think one of their biggest highlights in life was the year the Dodgers won the pennant. I moved south in 1959 and do not recall how the Weisman's ended their days. But I still retain a lingering memory of them being good, hard-working and very decent people and we always enjoyed seeing them coming across the street toward our house on Saturday mornings.

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