August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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Photo ID: 199
Name: Barteau House
Type: Historic
Date: Uncertain
Site Data Sheet Link Code: Br24A.2-S
Inventory Name: Samuel Hawkins - George Barteau house
Address: abt 291-295 Beaver Dam Rd.
Source: Post-Morrow
Source Call Number: RG3 Series 1

Comment: Notation on back of photograph: "? Barteau house. N. Side of Beaver Dam Rd. Torn down.
"(Kitchen wing on the Thos. I. Morrows property before being torn down.)"

Another copy of this photo has the notation: "Home of George Barteau, formerly Sam Hawkins. Stood on front of Morse property west of old black walnut stump."

Likely the S. Hawkins House on Beaver Dam Rd. on the 1873 Beers map and the G. Barteau house on 1888 Wendelken map.

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