August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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Photo ID: 111
Name: The Old Barteau Place
Type: Historic
Date: Uncertain
Site Data Sheet Link Code: Br07.1-S
Inventory Name: Barteau House (now destroyed)
Address: South Country Road at Andiron Lane
Source: Post-Morrow
Source Call Number: RG1 Series 10

Comment: From "Early Photographs of the Hamlet of Brookhaven collected by George Perley Morse 1945-1959" His caption reads: "The Old Barteau Place" "The first Barteaus (Francis) were known to live in Fireplace in 1741. The son of Francis lived in this house until his death in 1815, and his son Francis died in 1858. The home was sold to William M. Barteau, Mrs. Edna Valentine Bruce's grandfather [and Francis Barteau's son]. Mrs. Bruce's mother was born here. William M. Barteau sold the property to William Andrews about 1872. The name Barteau appears on records spelled a number of different ways." [e.g. Bartow, Barto] While this photograph bares a striking resemblance to the house at 2635 Montauk Highway (Br04.1-S) -- if the front porch and additions are removed -- I have come to believe they are not the same structures. Some report that this house was burned by the fire department. Since this style of house was typical of many 17th and early 18th century houses it's likely that several of the same "model" were built. The Andrews' familly had extensive land holdings along Beaver Dam Creek and South Country Road in the late 19th century (see 1884 Andrews Survey Map). The 1858 Caace Map shows a F. Bartow residence (probably Francis Barteau, 1795-1858) in the area which later became Andrews land -- likely this house. If so, this house was probably situated at about where Andiron Lane now intersects with South Country Rd. The 1873 Beers map shows a "W. Barton" at the curve on South Country Rd., at the same location as the F. Bartow house above. This was probably William Bartow (Barteau, b. 1828).

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