Historic and Natural Districts Inventory Form

Unless indicated below, this is a transcript of the original Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities/Town of Brookhaven survey form.  Corrections to obvious typographical and spelling errors have been made.  Corrections to factual errors, updates or comments on the information are either enclosed in [square brackets], or will be clearly indicated as updated material.  Since most of the surveys were conducted in the late 1970's and early 1980's, much of the information reflects that time period. 

Sites with an Inventory Code suffix of "S" are supplemental sites not included in the original surveys.

Historic and Natural Districts Inventory Form

Dayton's Neck

 If checked, this is a Supplemental Form, not in the original surveys.

Inventory Code:   Br15.2-S  
Prepared Date:   10/22/2011  
Last Modified:   6/28/2012  
Submitter Name:   John Deitz
Submitter Address:   7 Locust Rd.

Brookhaven, NY 11719  
1-Site Name:   Dayton's Neck  
2a-County:       2b-Town:   Brookhaven     2c-Village:   Hamlet of Brookhaven
Address:   S. Country Road, west Fire Place  
Dayton's Neck is the historical name given to the neck of land east of Mott's Creek and the Village of Bellport and Tarmen's Neck.  
It was on this neck of land that the first permanent European settled "at South" about 1678.  
  Map of Dayton and Tarman's Necks
7-Threats to Area
 By Zoning    By Roads
 By Developers  By Deterioration
 Other  Much of western Dayton's Neck has been developed for residential use.

Much of the wet land areas are under government control. Suffolk County acquired the Hawes Property at the eastern edge of the neck in July 1992, opposite the former Marist Brothers retreat (a.k.a. George Washington Lodge, see Br10.11-S) on the south side of South Country Road. This fine, 38-acre preserve consists of a mature hardwood area at the northern end, merging at the lower levels into wooded swampland and marsh further south. It is a good stopping-off point for migrating birds in spring and fall, On June 13, 1995, the Suffolk County Legislature voted to designate this land as the Dennis Puleston Nature Preserve.

In 2011, 9.6 acres of the Washington Lodge estate north of South Country road was purchased in a joint venture with the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County and the Post Morrow Foundation. A large adjacent site has been purchased by a private party with the intent of maintaining it as open space/farm land.

8-Local Attitudes Toward the Area
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Prepared By:
  John Deitz  
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