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Building Inventory Form

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Unless indicated below, this is a transcript of the original Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities/Town of Brookhaven survey form.   Since most of the surveys were conducted in the late 1970's and early 1980's, much of the information reflects that time period. 

Corrections to obvious typographical and spelling errors have been made.  Corrections to factual errors in the original surveys, and updates or comments on the information are either enclosed in [square brackets], or are clearly indicated as updated material from the context of the comments. 

Sites which have a suffix of "S" are supplemental sites not included in the original surveys.

Building-Structure Inventory Form

Lighthouse [Brookhaven Shores Sales Office]

 If checked, this is a Supplemental Form, not included in the original surveys.

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Inventory Code: Br35
Prepared Date: 8/16/1982
Last modified: 11/29/2015
Original Submitter
Submitter Name: Town of Brookhaven/SPLIA
Submitter Address: Town Hall
205 S. Ocean Ave.
Organization: Brookhaven Community Development Agency
1-Building/Site Name:  
2a-County:   Suffolk 2b-Town:  Brookhaven 2c-Village:  Hamlet of Brookhaven
3-Street Location:   Lindner Court

 If checked, this site is within the Fire Place (Brookhaven Hamlet) Historic District

   4a-Public     4b-Private
5a-Owner  (at original survey date):    Kirk Roeser 5b-Address:    12 Lindner Court, Brookhaven, NY

6a-Original:    weekend house

6b-Present:    [Incorporated into new structure (Br35.1-S)]

 7a-Visible From Road

 7b-Interior Accessible:
7b-Interior Comment:   by appointment  
Building Materials 
   8a-Clapboard    8b-Stone    8c-Brick
   8d-Board & Batten    8e-Cobblestone    8f-Shingles
Structural System
   9a-Wood Frame Interlocking Joints    9b-Wood Frame Light Members:    9c-Masonry:
9d-Metal Comment:     
9e-Other Comment:     
    10a-Excellent   10b-Good   10c-Fair     10d-Deteriorated
   11a-Original Site  11b-Moved   If so, when?  
Photo & Map
12-Photo Photos and images
  14a-None Known:    14b-Zoning   14c-Roads
  14d-Developers :   14e-Deterioration
14-Comment:   [This structure, included in the original SPLIA surveys as Br35, was built about 1955 as a sales office for the Brookhaven Shores development (Br35B-S). The lot and structure were purchased by Kirk Roeser (date uncertain, but probably after 1982 when the SPLIA inventory was prepared), and it is said to have been incorported into his new residence, also known as the "Lighthouse." See Br35.1-S.]  
Related Outbuildings
and Property

  15a-Barn   15b-Carriage House  15c-Garage
  15d-Privy   15e-Shed   15f-Greenhouse
  15g-Shop   15h-Gardens   15i-Landscape Features
15i-Landscape Features:   on waterfront, mouth of Beaver Dam Creek
15j-Other:  bulk heading  
Surroundings of the Building
  16a-Open Land   16b-Woodland   16c-Scattered Bldgs.
  16d-Densely Built-up   16e-Commercial  16f-Industrial
  16g-Residential 16h-Other:   wetlands
Interrelationship of Building and Surroundings
17-Interrelationships:   This structure is located at the mouth of Beaver Dam Creek on the Great South bay in Brookhaven hamlet  
Other Notable Features of Building and Site
18-Notable Features: It functions as an unofficial lighthouse      
19-Initial Const Date:   Abt 1955
19-Builder:  [Brookhaven Shores development. As a sales office]  
Historic and Architectural Importance

Hexagonal, two story, lighthouse with hexagonal cupola with light. Windows on all sides look over bay and wetlands. Small one story, gable roof addition on east.

[This "lighthouse" structure was the real estate office for the 1956 Brookhaven Shores development at the end of Bellhaven Road. Kirk Roeser bought the lighthouse real estate office (date uncertain) and built his house around it (Structure ID Br35.1-S)]   

21-Sources:      Long Island Advance, 7/19/1972.

Email: Marty Van Lith 11/28/15.

Prepared By:
  Updated: John Deitz
Supplemental Material: 
  Map showing proposed bulkhead, 10-1-74