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Building Inventory Form

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Unless indicated below, this is a transcript of the original Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities/Town of Brookhaven survey form.   Since most of the surveys were conducted in the late 1970's and early 1980's, much of the information reflects that time period. 

Corrections to obvious typographical and spelling errors have been made.  Corrections to factual errors in the original surveys, and updates or comments on the information are either enclosed in [square brackets], or are clearly indicated as updated material from the context of the comments. 

Sites which have a suffix of "S" are supplemental sites not included in the original surveys.

Building-Structure Inventory Form

Nelson house [Albin Store]

 If checked, this is a Supplemental Form, not included in the original surveys.

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Inventory Code: Br18
Prepared Date: 8/16/1982
Last modified: 8/9/2011
Original Submitter
Submitter Name: Town of Brookhaven/SPLIA
Submitter Address: Town Hall
205 S. Ocean Ave.
Organization: Brookhaven Community Development Agency
1-Building/Site Name:  
2a-County:   Suffolk 2b-Town:  Brookhaven 2c-Village:  Hamlet of Brookhaven
3-Street Location:   340 Beaver Dam Road

 If checked, this site is within the Fire Place (Brookhaven Hamlet) Historic District

   4a-Public     4b-Private
5a-Owner  (at original survey date):    Alfred Nelson 5b-Address:    340 Beaver Dam Rd., Brookhaven

6a-Original:    store/residence

6b-Present:    residence

 7a-Visible From Road

 7b-Interior Accessible:
7b-Interior Comment:   by appointment  
Building Materials 
   8a-Clapboard    8b-Stone    8c-Brick
   8d-Board & Batten    8e-Cobblestone    8f-Shingles
8-Other:   asphalt shingles  
Structural System
   9a-Wood Frame Interlocking Joints    9b-Wood Frame Light Members:    9c-Masonry:
9d-Metal Comment:     
9e-Other Comment:     
    10a-Excellent   10b-Good   10c-Fair     10d-Deteriorated
   11a-Original Site  11b-Moved   If so, when?  
11c-Alterations:  Front porch enclosed.
During the Winter of 2004-2005, the Nelson's restored the exterior of the house to the original clapboard (removing cement-asbestos shingles which covered the old board), and renovated much of the interior, including replacing the old south-facing kitchen with a new kitchen structure on the old footprint.
Photo & Map
12-Photo Photos and images
  14a-None Known:    14b-Zoning   14c-Roads
  14d-Developers :   14e-Deterioration
Related Outbuildings
and Property

  15a-Barn   15b-Carriage House  15c-Garage
  15d-Privy   15e-Shed   15f-Greenhouse
  15g-Shop   15h-Gardens   15i-Landscape Features
15i-Landscape Features:   
Surroundings of the Building
  16a-Open Land   16b-Woodland   16c-Scattered Bldgs.
  16d-Densely Built-up   16e-Commercial  16f-Industrial
  16g-Residential 16h-Other:   
Interrelationship of Building and Surroundings
17-Interrelationships:   This house is located on Beaver Dam Road, which was first opened in 1735  
Other Notable Features of Building and Site
18-Notable Features: The house was owned by R. [Skip] Albin in1873. In 1915, C. Newey owned it and ran a store in it.      
19-Initial Const Date:   before 1873 after 1858
Historic and Architectural Importance
20-Importance:   2 2/2 story, 2 bay, gable roof house with gable end to street and 2 1/2 story, 3 bay wing on east. Four sawn brackets under eaves on wing section. 6/6 windows. Brick foundation. First floor front façade obscured by enclosed porch.

In 1873, this was Albin's grocery store and residence. In 1915, the Newey's ran a store here. It was known as the "Downstreet Store" and also carried some fishing and boating supplies.

[The last person to operate a store there was Julien Rose, date uncertain.]

21-Sources:      "Atlas of Long Island, N.Y.," by F. W. Beers, New York: Beers, Comstock & Cline, 1873, inset, pl. 171. Interview: Alfred Nelson, present owner.

Patchogue Advance, 12 Feb 1937, p. 7: "The one-story building on Beaver Dam road at the head of Meadow lane which has been occupied as a store for many years, is being remodeled into a dwelling. The owner, Mrs. Sherman Hawkins of Southampton, is having Samuel Bumstead do the carpentry work. The last person to operate a store there was Julien Rose."  

22-Theme:   residential/commercial   
Prepared By:
  Ellen Williams, research assistant
Supplemental Material: 
  Excerpt from Email, Lucia Nelson, 17 Jun 2004: My parents, Alice and Alfred Nelson, bought the house in 1944 for: $7,500. (!) I regret to say that I have yet to search the records for previous owners and so forth. My mother told of taking my brother Norm down to the Albin Store in the summer of 1936 - this to buy an ice cream cone. She and my father were staying with his parents, Norman and Matilda in the house now belonging to the dentist, Dr. Andors. I do know some bits and pieces about the history of the store and others he appears to have run. The original house was just a 'box'. Over time additions were added - to the west is a bedroom and bath and on the east 2 bedrooms and a bath. You can see the old roof in the attic. At some point the kitchen was moved from Camp Upton and attached to the house. Said kitchen always had a sloping floor, it was kind of a joke. The wooden counter top in the kitchen came from the store. The enclosed porch was there in 1944. The telepone was, for some reason, on that porch. That was when our Tel # was '206'. My mother could pick up the phone and ask for Jane Corrigan O'Rourke who lived across the street or Betty Puleston who lived on Meadow Lane. By the by we still have that number sixty years later.