August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900


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BVA History in a Nutshell - Marty Van Lith

BVA Minutes 1906-1918 (images*)

BVA Minutes 1918-1924 (images*)

BVA Minutes 1932-1938 (images*)

♦ BVA Minutes 1960-2006 (images*)

* Minutes scanned by Marty Van Lith and archived with the Post Morrow Foundation Heritage Collection.

BVA's Squassux Marina by Thurston Gwynne


Marty Van Lith made a presentation on the history of the Brookhaven Village Association, Brookhaven, NY on the occasion of its 100th Anniversary, June 22, 2006.  The Brookhaven Village Association is the oldest civic organization in continuous existence within the Town of Brookhaven, L.I., NY.

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