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Archeological Site Inventory Form

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Unless indicated below, this is a transcript of the original Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities/Town of Brookhaven survey form.  Corrections to obvious typographical and spelling errors have been made.  Corrections to factual errors, updates or comments on the information are either enclosed in [square brackets], or will be clearly indicated as updated material.  Since most of the surveys were conducted in the late 1970's and early 1980's, much of the information reflects that time period.  Included in this category are sites for which some documentation may exist but are no longer extant often with little or no modern evidence at the site.

Sites which have a suffix of "S" are supplemental sites not included in the original surveys. 

Archeological Site Inventory Form

Robert & Mary Lyons House

 If checked, this is a Supplemental Form, not in the original surveys.

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Inventory Code:  Br01.3.1-S  
  Prepared Date:  7/1/2014
  Revised Date:  7/2/2014
Submitter Name:  John Deitz
Submitter Address: 7 Locust Rd.

Brookhaven, NY 11719
1-Site Name:    Robert & Mary Lyons House
2a-County:  Suffolk 2b-Town:  Brookhaven 2c-Village: Hamlet of Brookhaven  
3-Location:  Northeast corner Montauk highway and Arthur avenue, between Montauk hwy and theOaklawn cemetery
   4a-Public Site    4b-Private Site
4-Present Owner:    5a-Address:  Arthur avenue
Historic and Architectural Importance
6- Description, Condition, Evidence of Site
  The original farm house on the site was built prior to 1919, probably by the Chester A. Arthur family. About 1919-1920, Robert (Robb) Henry and Mary Finnerty Lyons family moved to the site from Brooklyn. The Lyons' built around the house to make it a large 9 room house– 7 bedrooms, 2 baths (later), a huge living/dining room, kitchen, and a very large sun porch. Initially there was no electricy or plumbing. An outhouse and other farm buildings were provided. When Robb Lyons retired he built a small snack bar on Montauk highway "just to give him something to do." This structure remains as Varney's Restaurant. The site originally had other outbuildings including a barn and icehouse, out house. A large field on the north side of the house was used for several years as a semi-public baseball park.

 6a-Standing Ruins

 6b-Cellar Hole with Walls  

 6c-Surface Traces Visible  6d-Walls Without Cellar Hole
 6e-Under Cultivation  6f-Erosion
 6g-Underwater  6h-No Visible Evidence
 6i-Other Except for Varney's Restaurant at the corner with Montauk Highway, the site has become overgrown. While the site has not been explored for visible evidence, none is evident from public access roads.  
7- Collection of Material from Site
 7a- Surface Hunting By Whom:    Date:  
 7b-Testing By Whom:  Date:  
 7c-Excavation By Whom:  Date: 
7e-Present Repository of Materials  
8- Prehistoric Cultural Affiliation or Date
9-Historical Documentation of Site
"Robert and Mary Lyons Family Recollections,"  
10- Possibility of Site Destruction or Disturbance
On Memorial day, 30 May 1970, the house was said to have been destroyed by fire; this fire has not been confirmed. No mention of the fire has been found in the Patchogue Advance newspaper.  «»
12- Map Location
    [If an original form, the source map images were not reproducible.]
12a- 7 1/2 Minute Quad. Name: 
12b- 15 Minute Quad. Name:   
12c- U.S.G.S Coordinates:   
12d- D.O.T. Coordinates:  (if known):   
Other Maps:   
13- Photographs
  Photos and images  
Supplemental Material
Prepared By
  J. Deitz