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Brookhaven & South Haven Hamlets

Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York

Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets Study

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The 1995 Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets Study was prepared by representatives of Brookhaven and South Haven Hamlets as part of the Community Based Planning Program of the Town of Brookhaven under the auspices of Dr. Lee Koppleman, the Town’s planning consultant.  While, as of this writing, the document is nearing its 20th anniversary, it continues to provide useful information on the history and demographics of the community, and as a fundamental planning document for the future.

i • Prologue

This copy is a scanned OCR version of the report.  OCR scanning technology is far from perfect.  While Iit has been proof read, scanning errors may remain.  OCR scanning technology has particular difficulty with 1 & l, 5 & S, O & 0, and other character similarities.

The column to the left is a page-by-table page contents.  For the most part, pagination is as found in the original report, except that paragraphs split by a page break and some short pages have been here combined onto a single page.


Acronyms and Other Jargon
(This table is not found in the original study paper)

BVA Brookhaven Village Association
BZA Board of Zoning Appeals (Town of Brookhaven)
CDP Census Designated Place (Census Bureau)
CEA Critical Environmental Area (Town of Brookhaven)
DEP Division of Environmental Protection (Town of Brookhaven)
DOT Department of Transportation (New York State, see NYSDOT)
EDF Environmental Defense Fund
LID Local Implementation District (in context of LWRP)
LILCO Long Island Lighting Company (It's gone!  Mostly replaced by the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA).)
LIRPB Long Island Regional Planning Board
LWRP Local Waterfront Revitalization Program
NYSDEC New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
NYSDOS New York State Department of State
NYSDOT New York State Department of Transportation
PDR Purchase of Development Rights:  involves the outright purchase of future development rights, generally by a governmental agency, as compared to TDR.
PMF Post Morrow Foundation
SCDHS Suffolk County Department of Health Services
SCTM Suffolk County Tax Map
SWMP Solid Waste Management Plan (probably by Town of Brookhaven)
TDR Transfer of Development Rights:  involves authorizing the transfer of development rights to a less sensitive and more suitable geographic area by the appropriate governmental entities.  See also PDR.
Zoning Zoning Designations, see Town of Brookhaven Zoning Requirements

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