McKeown sisters at Beaver Dam Creek and South Country road

Brookhaven & South Haven Hamlets

Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York

Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets Study

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"BH is a really beautiful area under attack by mediocrity on all sides. Going to movies, shopping etc., one must go out into the rank obscenity of Sunrise Hwy., Patchogue, etc. Too bad… Issues: People throw away trash (sofas, old beds, mattresses, junk) in a pile on the road and it sits for weeks before (how?) it disappears. Too many people are putting up bright night lights. "

"I think the Hamlet of Brookhaven is absolutely beautiful and wonderful place to live. However, in the last 13 years, within 1-1/2 mile radius of my home, the following things have occurred: landfill has expanded; nursing home, adult home and two ’group homes’ have gone in; state housing was put in; and the railroad has increased its schedule! As a single-income family paying $6,000 a year in property taxes it’s most difficult to welcome all of these non- taxing groups into our community (I know they need a place to live too but enough is enough). "

"More has to be done to combat the litter problem at the end of Beaver Dam Road. At a minimum more trash receptacles are required. There is also a growing problem with vandalism (mailbox trashing) and graffiti on Beaver Dam Road south of South Country Road. "

"My husband and I love the Hamlet. We would like it to stay as it is – without any new development – just as it is!"

"We have lived in the area 65 years and in the Hamlet for 45 years, and we raised our 5 children satisfactorily. Lately, we have spoken of relocating but don’t know where to go that we would like as well – it has been a wonderful community for us. Of course, it has changed – more people and homes and traffic, but it still has a special quality. You are all doing a great job in keeping it so!"

"I like its nature preserves, wetlands, animals, waterways. Concerns: over-development, losing its ’country look, ’ too many lights, sidewalks and destruction of native plants, pollution of waterways. "

"Our small Hamlet is very fortunate to have people who enjoy living here also willing to be concerned about the future. The BVA is doing a great job. We’re fortunate in our location – boating, fishing, etc., and our recently acquired ’green retreats. ’... My greatest concern is not solvable by the. BVA, as it concerns N.Y. state and local funding of schools by tax on real estate. Some other method of paying to educate our children must be found (income as a base?). Otherwise, the school budgets will continue to be ’downed’ and the children, as well as our communities, will suffer. "