McKeown sisters at Beaver Dam Creek and South Country road

Brookhaven & South Haven Hamlets

Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York

Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets Study

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Appendix B

Comments from the Community, excerpted from many of the comments included in responses to the BVA’s questionnaire:

’We enjoy the rustic nature of the area and would hope that we are not inundated with small strip malls or large stores. "

"No more developing!"

"We live in a fragile community that is being threatened by the shortsightedness of our elected officials. To alleviate some costs to the Town at large, they continue to ’sell’ landfill space to Hempstead. The continued growth of this facility directly threatens the health and welfare, as well as the economic value, of our community. This is a special place in Brookhaven Town. It is quiet and relatively untouched by the rapid growth around us. This too is threatened and must be protected. "

"Daffodils on Beaver Bam: nice; litter at end of Beaver Dam: horrible, especially type. The police should patrol noise, litter and traffic from high school, car radios’ volume should be lower, village residents should drive slower, the shoulder on beaver Dam should be widened for walking purposes. "

"We love our Brookhaven Hamlet! We’re very fortunate to be living in a quiet, secluded area. What we like the least is probably what all of the other residents are most concerned about: the landfill. "

"We must do everything we can to curb more development…. And definitely no shopping malls. We already have far too many in the general area, and already many of the older ones are being replaced by newer ones. We need to encourage more of the smaller, locally supported businesses, and keep out the big chain stores even though they may be able to offer cheaper prices for their merchandise. Let’s encourage local entrepreneurship and thereby benefit our community. "

"Brookhaven Hamlet is a lovely place to live. I cannot retire here with LILCO rates, school taxes (highest anywhere with minimal scholastic achievements for students), exorbitant garbage rates, or what I need as a household. My kids can’t live and buy in Brookhaven. We don’t need to build more stores, homes, condos, etc. We need to refurbish what’s out there now and leave the open land and woods as they are. "

"Brookhaven Hamlet with its diverse population is a good place to live, but a combination of high taxes, electrical rates and mosquitoes will be driving us away in the near future. Long Island has changed markedly in the 35 years we have been here. The proliferation of shopping malls, both large and small, is making the Island one long outlet center with no apparent zoning restrictions or planning. There is litter everywhere – N.Y. is the dirtiest state in the nation. "