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Brookhaven & South Haven Hamlets

Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York

Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets Study

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7. Complete the installation of public water in areas where residential wells are threatened by contamination from the landfill leachate spreading through the groundwater.

See discussion in Ch. VI, Sec. 1, p. 23, of this report. The installation of public water is complete in Brookhaven Hamlet, but has not begun in South Haven.

8. Implement citizen-monitored air and water testing for landfill emissions.

The New York State DEC’s administrative hearings regarding the Town’s permit to construct and operate Cell 5 of the landfill have resulted in specific recommendations by Judge Kevin J. Casutto regarding monitoring of potential health and environmental impacts of the long-term stockpiling of incinerator ash at the landfill site. As discussed in Ch. VI of this report, our study area is among the communities most directly threatened by fugitive ash dust and groundwater leachate pollution from the landfill. We assert that it is imperative for the Town, County, and State to implement the health-impact studies, air monitoring, and groundwater monitoring proposed at the DEC hearings.

9. Implement recommendations given in Ch. VI of this report for improved waste management in Brookhaven Town.
bullet Prompt implementation of the mandatory phase of the Town’s recently announced "Don’t Bag It" program to remove lawn clippings and other yard debris from the waste stream currently being incinerated and land-filled.
bullet Inauguration of a pay-by-weight program to provide a sound economic basis to reduce the residential solid waste stream.
bullet A more effective use of Brookhaven’s Materials Recycling Facility through source separation of recyclables by households, businesses and institutions, including a Town-wide commercial source separation program similar to the red can curbside collection program now in place for residences.