McKeown sisters at Beaver Dam Creek and South Country road

Brookhaven & South Haven Hamlets

Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York

Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets Study

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3. VID Industries

This 40-acre site, zoned L1, is adjacent to a residential neighborhood, and uses an old sand and gravel pit for recycling of demolition debris. A decision on granting a permit to operate a transfer station on this site is now pending in appeals court (see discussion in Ch. VI, Sec. 2, p.26, of this report). If VID is successful in this appeal, we will have the equivalent of L2 usage, with constant heavy truck traffic in a site surrounded by residential neighborhoods, schools, churches, and two nursing homes. We recommend that the Town take steps to ensure that such a use not be allowed on this site. Further, we recommend that a land swap be made to provide a more appropriate location – specifically, on Town land immediately adjoining the existing landfill.

4. Complete the residential upzoning in Brookhaven Hamlet undertaken by the Town in July 1991.

(See discussion in Ch. IV, Sec. 2, p. 14, of this report.) The BVA worked with the Town on this upzoning, which encompassed 436 acres, and the Town’s efforts in this undertaking are greatly appreciated. However, we still don’t understand why the job was only partially done, with key tracts left untouched. This despite the fact that the entire Hamlet lies within the Town-defined Critical Environmental Area, and there was no landowner opposition that we are aware of. We recommend that all remaining parcels two acres and larger within the Hamlet be upzoned to A2.

We also specifically recommend that the lots to the east and behind the existing J2 area along the south side of Montauk Highway, SCTM# 0200-932-03 lots 14.1, 18.1and 18.2, and SCTM# 0200-902-04 lots 1,2,3 remain residential.

5. Brookhaven Town Draft Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan

This draft plan touches on many issues that directly affect our community. We include here (Ch. VI, Sec. 3, p. 27) extensive comments and recommendations regarding this draft plan. If the LWRP is to be implemented, we urge that our comments be given serious consideration, and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss specific issues in depth with Town planners.

6. Eliminate Town Highway Dept. drainage culverts that dump road runoff directly into local waterways

We are aware of two cases where the Town has recently constructed road drains that run directly into the Hamlet’s rivers. One, draining Old Stump and Beaver Dam Roads, empties into the Carmans River at the end of Beaver Dam Road, immediately adjacent to the Wertheim refuge. Another, on Prairie Lane, can be seen cascading into Beaver Dam Creek. There may be other cases. These should be reworked to employ sumps or swales to protect the river waters from the direct intrusion of salt, oil, and other substances swept from the roadways by rainwater.

Recently, the Town of Southampton began a program to remove all road drains emptying directly into the surface waters of ponds, creeks and bays, and replacing them with stormwater detention basins Brookhaven Town should also consider such improvements.