McKeown sisters at Beaver Dam Creek and South Country road

Brookhaven & South Haven Hamlets

Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York

Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets Study

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  bullet There is also a 15-acre parcel, adjoining the Lohmann Farm on the east, which has creek frontage and is owned by the Ljungquist family of Brookhaven Hamlet. Both the Lohmann Farm and the Ljungquist parcels are included in the recommendations, Chapter IV, page 12, to change their classification from RES1 to OSR. The combination of existing preserved land with the Lohmann Farm and Ljungquist parcel would total 108 acres of preserved, undeveloped land on the west side of the lower Beaver Dam Creek. With the Post Morrow Foundation controlling the majority of land on the east side of the river, the lower 1.1 miles of the Beaver Dam Creek would be protected in perpetuity.

Also, in reference to policy #26, please make a correction in chapter III, page 76, which states: "… there are no agricultural lands within the coastal regions of the Town…" Henry Lohmann’s is an active farm.

Delete Suggestion of Recreational Area at the End of Bay Road

One of the proposals for acquisition in draft LWRP was the "Bay Road wetlands." This parcel was acquired by the Town in 1989 and, in a February 1995 Town Board Resolution, was added to the Town’s Nature Preserve program as the Fire Place Nature Preserve. We hope this negates the draft LWRP’s recommendation in Chapter III, page 60: "This land is suitable for public access to bay waters and to the sandy beach front for passive recreational purposes, and could provide access to the conservation area." (Note: The report is in conflict with itself by having suggested, in Chapter II, page 53, acquisition of this parcel because of its wetlands value. This wetland forest, where the depth to groundwater is between zero and two feet throughout, is surrounded by 169 acres of NYS wetlands on the east, Bellport Bay on the south, and the Beaver Dam Creek wetlands on the west.)

It is important to point out that there is no place to park unless wetlands are destroyed to provide for parking. This is not like Mirimar Park or Shirley Beach where the sandy beach extends inland for hundreds of feet and continually slopes upward away from the beach. The "sandy beach" the draft LWRP describes is more of a narrow sand bar with wetlands immediately behind it. The bay is shallow for hundreds of feet from the shore and is not suitable for swimming, fishing or boating. This is an environmentally fragile area without a possible location on site to build a parking lot or restroom facilities (i.e., there are no sewer systems in the Hamlet, and it would be impossible to have a septic system in a area where the average depth to groundwater is about one foot). We are also disturbed by the statement ". .. provide access to the conservation area.’ Is the LWRP advocating people trampling over the wetlands by foot or with recreational vehicles?

We would also like to also point out that the end of Bay Road is now easily accessible to the public, and it is rare to see it used as a beach.