McKeown sisters at Beaver Dam Creek and South Country road

Brookhaven & South Haven Hamlets

Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York

Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets Study

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bullet Preserve the Stream corridor in the northern [headwaters] portion of the study area through exchange of ownership (i.e., private to public) or transfer of development rights (TDR). This will require cooperation and agreements for replatting old filed subdivisions and the exchange of parcels owned by Suffolk County, the Town of Brookhaven,... and private parties...
bullet North of Montauk Highway, the headwaters of Beaverdam Creek flow through a vacant, privately owned 9.5 acre parcel. This land should be preserved through TDR, or through acquisition if necessary, to protect freshwater wetlands and stream water quality.

We think the LWRP should endorse these recommendations by way of including the upper creek and headwaters within the LID II boundary. We suggest the following (see map, next page): Beaver Dam Road to Fire Place Neck Road, running north continuing along South Country Road to Old Town Road to Sunrise, then west to Carnegie (paper street), south along Carnegie across Montauk Highway following southerly route along west boundary of Bellport High School to Beaver Dam Road, then east to South Country Road and continuing along original LWRP boundary.

Update Status of Parcels Recommended for Acquisition

It seems that the LWRP used former County Executive Michael LoGrande’s 1986 Report to the Suffolk County Legislature: Proposed Acquisition of Lands for the New York State Environmental Quality Bond Act to define the areas within LID II. The LWRP needs to be updated on this subject to reflect the fact that 3-1/2 of the five listed "important areas for acquisition" are no longer applicable and that the current number-one priority on Long Island, according to the Nature Conservancy, Audubon Society and the civics preparing this report, is the above-mentioned Southaven Properties. The report should be corrected as follows:

bullet On page II-52, the parcel that both the LWRP and the State call the Beaver Dam Creek Wetlands (~50-acres) is locally known as the Lohmann Farm. Both the Peconic Land Trust and the BVA have met with Mr. Lohmann, and he is not interested in selling to a government agency at this time. However, it should be noted that, thanks to the efforts of County Legislator Herb Davis and the Post Morrow Foundation, the 50 acres of wetland and creek frontage to the west of the Lohmann Farm is now preserved.
bullet Southaven Properties (see page 17 of this report). This parcel is situated at the headwaters of Yaphank Creek, a major tributary of the Carmans River which supports a viable population of brook trout. The eastern mud turtle, designated as "threatened" in New York State, is also found here and it is an historic nesting site for the threatened osprey. The entire site is designated "scenic" under the New York State Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers Act. Acquisition would complete the northern boundary of the Wertheim Wildlife Refuge.