McKeown sisters at Beaver Dam Creek and South Country road

Brookhaven & South Haven Hamlets

Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York

Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets Study

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9.) 3 acres of NYSDEC land at the end of Bellhaven Road, to A10. (Resolution DD- 88)

10.) 9.6 acres along Chapel Avenue, belonging mostly to former BVA president Al Hotchkin. Hotchkin spoke at the public hearing complaining that upzoning should not be spot but rather Hamlet-wide. (Resolution DD-90)

11.) 30.88 acres at the west end of Bay Road half belonging to the town (formally Saltaire) and half to NYSDEC, to A10. (Resolution DD-93)

12.) 20 acres on Burnett Lane, referred to as "Historic Brookhaven," owned by Nancy Lee of Bellport. (Resolution DD94)

While we appreciate the Town’s efforts for the above 1991 upzoning, we still do not understand why the Town decided to do spot upzoning rather than a blanket upzoning of the whole Hamlet since it lies entirely within the Town-defined Critical Environmental Area. It should be noted that, despite all the landowners involved in the above upzoning, there was no opposition from anyone, only support at the public hearing. Several times since the 1991 upzoning, the BVA has reiterated its request to the Department of Planning, to no avail, to have all remaining parcels two acres and larger in the South Shore Critical Environmental Area upzoned to A2.


3. Preserved land in hands of Town, County, State and Federal Governments

Despite the loss of the Post Point Farm to development, during this past decade, there have been many positive accomplishments for our community, including the following:

bullet County purchased the Robinson Duck Farm.
bullet Town purchased the 18-acre former Saltaire property.
bullet Former Saltaire Property became the Fire Place Nature Preserve.
bullet 440-acres within the Hamlet were upzoned.
bullet County acquired the former Hawes Property.
bullet Former Hawes Property became the Dennis Puleston Nature Preserve.
bullet Post Morrow Foundation announced intent to preserve Beaver Dam Creek.
bullet NYS legislature enacted BVA idea – the South Shore Estuary Reserve Act.