McKeown sisters at Beaver Dam Creek and South Country road

Brookhaven & South Haven Hamlets

Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York

Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets Study

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2. Residential zoning: upzoning efforts with the Town

Ever since Brookhaven Town released its 1987 Land Use Plan, the Zoning & Development Committee, the forerunner to the BVA’s current Land Use Committee, worked to have the whole Hamlet upzoned. The committee’s request was for all publicly held lands to be upzoned to A10, all lands along stream corridors to be AS, and the rest of the Hamlet to be A2. See Plate 3.

After several years of working with Town Planning officials and aided by a 1990 Long Island Regional Planning Board study of the Beaver Dam Creek, in July of 1991 the following 436.23 acres were upzoned by the Town Board, (They are listed in the same block format the town used to make its determination. All areas were upzoned from Al to A2 unless otherwise noted):

1.) 9.2 acres of NYSDEC land east of the end of Bay road (north of the three houses on Ocean Place), to A10, (Resolution DD-47)

2.) A 13.8-acre tract, east of Old Town Road, just south of Sunrise Highway, in the headwaters of the Beaver Dam Creek. (Resolution DD-81)

3.) All 183.65 acres in the headwaters of the Beaver Dam Creek, bordered on the north by Sunrise Highway, on the east by Old Town Road, on the south by Montauk Highway and on the west by Carnegie Avenue ( a "paper street"). This block affected about 50 different property owners, The majority of land is owned by State, County, or Town government and about 20 acres by the Brookhaven Fire Department. The only person living within this block is Mrs. Waldron, who said that she did not oppose the upzoning. (Resolution DD-82)

4.) All 45.1 acres of the Bellport High School. (Resolution DD-83)

5.) 13.1 acres, belonging to Nash, McCutcheon, Tooker and the Post Morrow Foundation, north of the Beaver Dam Road bridge on the creek. (Resolution DD-84)

6.) All 12.2 acres of the Brookhaven Elementary School on Fire Place Neck Road. (Resolution DD-85)

7.) 33.7 acres owned by Puleston, Clement and Barry, located mostly north of Locust. (Resolution DD-86)

8.) 74.2 acres, about 80% of the land starting at the Old South Haven Church, bordered by South Country Road and Beaver Dam Road, west to and including the Marist Brothers property. (Resolution DD-87)