McKeown sisters at Beaver Dam Creek and South Country road

Brookhaven & South Haven Hamlets

Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York

Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets Study

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bullet 1702 – South Country Road (originally called the Highway at the South) was established between Brookhaven and Bellport.
bullet 1735-37 – Twelve Fire Place landowners petitioned the Town and built Beaver Dam Road.
bullet c. 1740 – Some of the oldest houses in the Hamlet were erected, including the William Rose house a little west of the old South Haven Church (its own first building erected in 1740) and Sue Foster’s house on Locust Lane.
bullet c. 1775 – Twenty-one men from Fire Place fought in the American Revolution. Several are buried in the Rose Cemetery 1ocated in the field between Mott Lane and Edgar Avenue.
bullet 1803 – The first schoolhouse was built on what is known today as Fire Place Neck Road.
bullet 1813 – On November 10, eleven men from the Fire Place went through Smith’s Inlet to fish in the Atlantic. When the men left their boat to fish on a dry shoal nearby, the tide took the boat away and all drowned. Some are buried in the Rose Cemetery.
bullet 1815 -- The Brook Store, once known as Ellison’s and now a Brookhaven Hamlet landmark, opened; for many years the Post Office shared the building.
bullet c. 1865 – Ten men from the Fire Place were verified as having served in the Civil War.
bullet 1871 – Fire Place was renamed Brookhaven by vote of the residents.
bullet 1873 – St. James Episcopal Church was built.
bullet 1900 – Boatbuilder Captain Sam Newey opened a boatyard near the end of Beaver Dam Road.
bullet 1961 – Old South Haven Church, at one time the only meetinghouse between Babylon and Southampton, was moved from the shores of the Carmans River in South Haven to the corner of Beaver Dam Road and South Country Road. The original church building was burned to the ground by the Americans in 1780 to keep the British from using it for storage and barracks, and the current building was rebuilt in 1828.
bullet 1985 – Brookhaven Hamlet designated an Historic District by Brookhaven Town.


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