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Note: Living people and people who may still be living have been "privatized." Only their name appears here.

Family: Cornelius Corson, ^ / Elizabeth Walker, ^

m. 1855–1857


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#021.001 Corson.00: Corson Family plot at the Oaklawn Cemetery

.. Gravestones are numbered right to left, first row right is #01. The Corson plot is the first plot on the east side of the west road as one enters the cemetery.

Status: Located
Plot: 001. Corson

Owner of originalJohn Deitz
Date31 Aug 2009
File nameCorson090831_001_800.jpg
File Size334.08k
Dimensions800 x 600
KeywordsLot 001
CaptionCorswon family plot, looking east
Linked toFamily: Corson/Walker (F1211)

#B021 Oaklawn Cemetery, Brookhaven Hamlet, Suffolk County, Brookhaven Town, NY, USA

The Oaklawn Cemetery in Brookhaven is at the north end of Arthur Avenue, north of Montauk Highway. It resulted from a meeting of twelve residents, held at the home of Nathaniel Miller, on March 20, 1890. He and James H. Post gave six acres of land for a nonsectarian burial ground.

There had been a small Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery on the west side of Beaver Dam Road, across from the modern Bellport High School, then on the James H. Post estate. This cemetery was abandoned in the early 20th century, and most of the graves were disinterred and headstones moved to Oaklawn Cemetery by Post (a few, at the request of their families, were moved elsewhere).

Many old headstones, and perhaps remains, from other local family burying grounds were relocated in to the Oaklawn Cemetery, including a Rose family burying ground (apparently a.k.a. the Swezey cemetery) located near to the Brookhaven Free Library on Beaver Dam Road (at the northeast corner of Library Lane) and a Homan family burying ground in South Haven. These sites appear to have been largely maintained as separate plots at Oaklawn, perhaps as approximations of their original configurations.

This is still an active cemetery maintained by the Oaklawn Cemetery Association. Mailing Address: PO Box 415, Brookhaven, New York 11719. Phone: (631) 286-0204, John E. Barry.

The information on the interments at the Oaklawn cemetery is being completely revised with the assistance and encouragement of the Oaklawn Cemetery Association.  Since most of the individuals interred in the Oaklawn cemetery have a strong associations with Brookhaven hamlet, it is our intention to incorporate most of these individual in the Hamlet People database to the extent that information becomes available.  Since this is likely to take some time, the information on these pages and their associated linked pages will be updated as the work progresses.

The purpose of this project is two-fold:

  1. To compare what is visually apparent at each lot with the records of the cemetery association, and in the process provide a photographic record of the plot.  Throughout its over 100 year history, the cemetery's administrative records has been maintained by community volunteers.  Inevitably, errors in these records creep in (although the results of the inventory work so far has shown a high degree of accuracy).  Notations are being made to these records where errors and ambiguities are found.
  2. To provide a "face" to the individuals in the cemetery, many of which are from families who have had a long association with the hamlets of Brookhaven and South Haven and are important to its history. The information on individuals and families interred at the cemetery is not intended to be an exhaustive genealogy report.  It is mostly obtained through research of internet published records such as commercial genealogy web sites such as Ancestry.com, and online local newspapers, principally the Patchogue Advance.  These sources are often sketchy and incomplete, and relationships are sometimes inferred (and therefore may be incorrect).  Information from family members and knowledgeable  associates is encouraged.  Please contact us.

This cemetery has Historic Sites Reference ID Br01.3-S and is #21 on the Town of Brookhaven Historian's master inventory of cemeteries.  Gravesites in this listing are first identified by cemetery (#21), then by lot number and a family name  (e.g., "#021.001.Corson:" means cemetery 21, lot 1, Corson family site).

Each identified gravesite has a link to a datasheet containing research facts on the individual(s).  In some cases, Oaklawn cemetery records indicate that a person was interred at a site, but no grave marker could be found.  These are identified with aicon.  In other cases, a monument was found, but the records of the cemetery association do not indicate that the person, either as a body or cremated remains, were actually interred on the site (these instances are often memorial monuments.)

Click Here For Downloadable Oaklawn Cemetery Maps (includes site and lot location maps)

Description revised: 29 August 2013

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