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Azel Hawkins, ^

Male 1786 - 1851  (64 years)



#081.01 Azel Hawkins

Status: Located

Owner of originalJohn Deitz
Date4 Jul 2008
PlaceAzel Hawkins cemetery, Brookhaven, NY
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KeywordsAzel Hawkins Cemetery
KeywordsBr34 Azel Hawkins Cemetery
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#B081 Azel Hawkins Cemetery, Brookhaven Hamlet, Suffolk County, Brookhaven Town, NY, USA


This Hawkins cemetery, usually referred to as the Azel Hawkins Cemetery by local residents, is also know as the Deacon Daniel Hawkins Cemetery in some genealogical records. Neither name is descriptive; the largest number of headstone are associate with Azel's brother, Selah. And the first interrment is that of Selah's wife, Rachel Rose (1781-1825).

It is an approximately 80 ft east-west x 55 ft. north-south plot located approximately 125 feet south of Stillwood Road, in the Hamlet of Brookhaven. A right-of-way to the cemetery is off Stillwood Rd., approximately where Stillwell Rd. curves from east-west to north-south. While the right-of-way has been fenced-off by the neighboring property owners, the cemetery is accessible to pedestrians, and is easily made accessible for maintenance by removing fence rails.

In this cemetery are buried some of the earliest "Hawkins" residents of Brookhaven Hamlet, who established homesteads and farmsteads along Beaver Dam Road.

When I first visited the cemetery on 23 Nov 2005 for a brief inspection, the cemetery was heavily overgrown, unfenced, and poorly maintained.  Although many of the stones themselves seemed to be in reasonably good condition considering their age, some monuments known to exist in 1939 could not be found, and a few others were down and perhaps vandalized. There is some evidence of encroachment by neighboring property owners. 

During the Summer of 2007, neighbors cleaned up the cemetery and removed much of the scrub growth, but by 4 July 2008 it had again become overgrown -- emphasizing the need for regular programmed maintenance.  There is no evidence that the Town of Brookhaven has ever provided maintenance in accordance with the requirements of New York State Law.

This cemetery has been placed on the project list for restoration during 2008-2009 by the Fire Place History Club.

The cemetery has Historic Sites Ref. ID Br34 and is #81 on the Town of Brookhaven Historian's Cemetery List. It has Suffolk County Tax Map ID 0200-974.20-01.00-023.000 (200-974.20-01-23)

Location Map

Location Map for the Azel Hawkins Cemetery, Brookhaven, NY

Cemetery Photos

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1#081.00  Azel Hawkins Cemetery #081.00 Azel Hawkins Cemetery
.. Azel Hawkins Cemetery, Brookhaven Hamlet, NY, 23 Nov 2005, prior to cemetery restoration project by the Fire Place History Club. Pictured is John Deitz. 
2#081.Document: Osborn Shaw's hand written notes #081.Document: Osborn Shaw's hand written notes
.. .. In the late 1930s, the then Town of Brookhaven Historian Osborn Shaw conducted an extensive inventory of all the cemeteries and burying grounds in the Town. The principal objective was to develop a record of births and deaths in the Town prior to their mandatory recording by the Town Clerk in 1881. Therefore, any death after 1881 was not included in the versions of this inventory project that were eventually published as computer printouts.

This page is his notes on the Azel Hawkins Cemetery, No. 81 (the very top of the page is a continuation of his notes on the David Hawkins Cemetery, No. 16)
3<h3>Relationship Chart - Azel Hawkins Cemetery</h3>

Relationship Chart - Azel Hawkins Cemetery

.. a diagram showing the relationship of individuals with headstones in the Azel Hawkins Cemetery, Brookhaven, NY. Only family members with headstones, or members necessary to chart relationships, are shown. Individuals with headstones are highlighted in green.