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Note: Living people and people who may still be living have been "privatized." Only their name appears here.


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#79.05 Katy Carman [Catherine Homan]

.. was Samuel Carman, Jr.s wife.

This stone has been repaired and reset as part of the 2009 cemetery restoration project. (Photograph unavailable.)

Status: Located
Plot: 05

Owner of originalJohn Deitz
DateSpring 2003
PlaceCarman-Miller Cemetery, South Haven, NY
File name(5)P4200007_800.JPG
File Size309.23k
Dimensions800 x 1067
Linked toCatherine Homan, †^

#B079 Carman/Miller Family Cemeteries, South Haven Hamlet, Suffolk County, Brookhaven Town, NY, USA


The Carman and Miller cemeteries are two adjacent sites located in the Hamlet of South Haven, 970 feet south of Montauk Highway on land of the former Carmans River (Robinson) duck farm, now within the bounds of property owned by Suffolk County and maintained by the county Parks Department.  (The site is at the eastern boundary tree line of a large field part of which is used as a dog park.) The Miller plot is approximately 40 feet by 30 feet, and the Carman plot, immediately south of the Miller site, is approximately 40 feet by 70 feet. The Miller plot contains only two extant stones; the Carman plot contains nine.

This cemetery was visited variously during the Spring of 2003 and again in the Fall of 2007.  In 2003, both plots were in poor-fair condition, having receive some volunteer maintenance by community members Faith McCutcheon and Marty Van Lith, who have provided some of the photographs.  By 2007, the site had again become badly overgrown, and a large tree had fallen shattering at least one monument in the Carman plot.  As far as can be determined, the site received no organized maintenance by the Town of Brookhaven as required by New York State Town Law.  It was clearly an endangered historic cemetery that was likely to be totally destroyed before another generation arrived unless it received immediate care.  Therefore, starting in 2008 into early 2010, the Fire Place History Club of Brookhaven Hamlet undertook its restoration.  Volunteer labor, with assistance from the Suffolk County Parks Department and a Caithness Community Benefit grant through the Town of Brookhaven, cleared the site, removed fallen trees, located and repaired damaged headstones (gravestone repairs were made by Hollis Warner of Peconic Monument Works, Riverhead, NY), and fenced the site (fence materials were provided by the county parks department and installed by volunteers).

Unfortunately, since this restoration, the site has again become overgrown with invasive weed species and there is no sign of Town of Brookhaven maintenance.  It is one of the sites included in the New York State Town Law Article 78 lawsuit filed in July 2009.

These two cemetery plots have Brookhaven/South Haven Historic Sites Ref. ID SH02.1-S, and are #79 on the Town of Brookhaven Historian's Cemetery inventory. The Miller plot has approximate global coordinates of Latitude N40° 47.937' Longitude W72° 53.245' and the Carman plot is slightly to the south with coordinates Latitude N40° 47.929' Longitude W72° 53.245'.

A relationship table of the individuals interred in this cemetery may be found here.A Site Plan showing the relative position of the gravestones may be found here.
Pictures of the cemetery headstones are keyed to this site plan.

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Page last revised: 7 Sep 2010

Cemetery Photos

   Thumb   Description 
1#79.00.1 Carman Plot looking southeast #79.00.1 Carman Plot looking southeast
.. as it appeared in the Spring of 2003, after it was cleaned-up by community members. 
2#79.00.2  Carman Plot looking northeast #79.00.2 Carman Plot looking northeast
.. Faith McCutcheon working to clean up the cemetery in the Spring 2003 
3#79.00.3 Carman Plot Fall 2007 #79.00.3 Carman Plot Fall 2007
.. John Deitz taking GPS coordinates, Fall of 2007. A close examination reveals at least one gravestone. 
4#79.00.4  Cleaning up the Carman Miller cemetery by Marty Van Lith and Eben Ludlow, 2008. #79.00.4 Cleaning up the Carman Miller cemetery by Marty Van Lith and Eben Ludlow, 2008.
.. pictured is Eben.

They report: "The Carman cemetery has recently suffered some serious damage. We found everyone on the Historians list plus one more: Samuel Carman d. Apr 19, 1823, 6 yrs, 9 months, son of Cathy & Samuel. Sam Carman (d. 1869) is in about 8 pieces. In all there are five broken stones and three to reset. Plus the two Millers need to be reset." 

5#79.00.5 Eben Ludlow working to cleaning out cemetery #79.00.5 Eben Ludlow working to cleaning out cemetery
.. many hours were spent in preparatory work to get the cemetery in shape so that gravestone restoration work could proceed. Employees of the Suffolk County Parks Department proved resources to remove large trees and bushes which had intruded into the cemetery site proper. 
6#79.00.6 #79.00.6
..Carman/Miller cemetery undergoing restoration, August 2009. Gravestone restoration was funded through a Caithness Community Benefit grant from the Town of Brookhaven. It is interesting to note that this source of funding was accomplished through a process of community-based advisory committees totally independent of the Town Parks Department which has the lead responsibility for abandoned cemetery maintenance within the Town. 
7#79.00.7  Marking on gravestone identifying the original stone mason #79.00.7 Marking on gravestone identifying the original stone mason
.. several stones were identified by our 2009 restoration stone mason Hollis Warner as being originally made by stone masons employed by the Peconic Monument Works during the 19th century. 
8#79.00.8  Installing new fencing around Carman-Miller Cemetery #79.00.8 Installing new fencing around Carman-Miller Cemetery
.. pictured are Marty Van Lith, Kevin (Suffolk County Parks Department), Ron Kinsella and Eben Ludlow. Materials were supplied by the Suffolk County Parks Department. Marty, Ron and Eben are from the Fire Place History Club which did most of the installation work. 
9#79.00.9  Restoration work nearly complete #79.00.9 Restoration work nearly complete
.. employees of the Suffolk County Parks Department have just finished removing and chipping several large trees on county park land surrounding the cemetery, which might be threatening to the cemetery itself. The cemetery, even though surrounded by county owned lands, remains the responsibility of the Town of Brookhaven to maintain. 

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