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Note: Living people and people who may still be living have been "privatized." Only their name appears here.

 #BS01 "Sives Hedgerow"/James Greenfield Tombstone, Brookhaven Hamlet, Suffolk County, Brookhaven Town, NY, USA


(1939 description) Tombstone in the hedgerow adjoining the land of John Sives, some little distance north, northeast of and back of the Rose Steckle Sliter house, opposite the Methodist Church, Brookhaven village. There are said to be about 8 unmarked graves besides the one noted in this record.

The 1939 description is referring to the Rose House and property, Historic Site ID Br29B. By 1961, very little was left of the gravestone as can be seen by the photograph. And by 2004, even less. Fortunately, the stone itself was copied, and the transcription is included below.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
#S01.01 James Greenfield
#S01.01 James Greenfield
.. taken January 1961. 
Located    James Greenfield, ^ (d. 28 Feb 1823)
#S01.02  James Greenfield headstone transcription
#S01.02 James Greenfield headstone transcription
Located    James Greenfield, ^ (d. 28 Feb 1823)