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Note: Living people and people who may still be living have been "privatized." Only their name appears here.

 #B096 Former Ketcham Private Graveyard, Brookhaven Hamlet, Suffolk County, Brookhaven Town, NY, USA


(1939 description) "Former Ketcham private graveyard, on that part of the property formerly owned by Scudder Ketcham, later by Timothy Ketcham, now (1939) owned by Desmond Nelson [Brookhaven/South Haven Historic Site Br06A], and about where his garage stands [since removed], Fireplace. [Brookhaven Hamlet] The inscriptions on the old stones were copied on a monument placed in Cem. 28 [visit Woodlawn Cemetery for photographs of the replacement monument], Bellport. The stones were then removed and stored in a building near the road, on that part of the property now owned by Jacob Valentine [Brookhaven/South Haven Historic Site Br30B]. When the building later was used as a shop, they were thrown out and have since gradually disappeared."

Two of the original headstones recently have been rediscovered on the old Valentine property [Br30B].  They are face down and have not yet been read.

This site has Archeological Site Ref. ID BrBr06A.2-S  and is #96 on the c. 1939 Town of Brookhaven Historian's cemetery  Inventory.

This description revised 10 September 2008