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Note: Living people and people who may still be living have been "privatized." Only their name appears here.

 #B032 Miller Family Cemetery, Brookhaven Hamlet, Suffolk County, Brookhaven Town, NY, USA

#B032 Miller Family Cemetery


The Miller Family Cemetery is an approximately 50 ft. east-west x 85 ft. north-south plot located about 400 ft. east of Fire Place Neck Rd., between the Brookhaven Elementary School property and Brook Nursery Rd. (at the rear of 19 Fire Place Neck Road, just east of the large sump). While there is a right of way from Fire Place Neck Rd. to the cemetery just north of the residential property at 19 Fire Place Neck Rd., it is not passable; access the the cemetery is gained through a gate in the chain link fence on the north side of the Brookhaven Elementary School parking lot.

This land was once all the Miller family farm, then became the Brook Nursery. It is now mostly residential housing.

The cemetery also contains two pet gravestones. See key map.

The cemetery is surrounded by its own chain link fence in fair to good condition. Some maintenance is provided by members of the Fire Place History Club, No recent maintenance appears to have been provided by the Town of Brookhaven. The gravestones are in relatively good condition, considering the age of some of the stones, although two have become difficult to read.

This cemetery is #32 on the c. 1939 Town of Brookhaven Historian's Cemetery List and has Historic Site ID Br30C.1-S.

Description Note revised: 28 Jan 2012

Cemetery Photos

   Thumb   Description 
#32.00  Miller Family Cemetery, Aug 2008
#32.00 Miller Family Cemetery, Aug 2008
.. from the southwest corner. Scrub growth has taken over about a quarter of the site, which could be easily controlled by 2-3 times a season mowing. 
#32.00  Miller Family Cemetery, August 2008
#32.00 Miller Family Cemetery, August 2008
.. looking south. Pictured is local resident Faith McCutcheon. 
#32.00  Miller Family Cemetery, November 2005
#32.00 Miller Family Cemetery, November 2005
.. from the southwest corner looking north. The four headstones in the foreground are nos. 11, 12, 13, and 14. 
#32.00  Miller Family Cemetery, November 2005
#32.00 Miller Family Cemetery, November 2005
.. looking north from about midway. The headstones in the immediate foreground are Nos. 11 and 12. In the background is no. 1, Nathaniel and Ellen Miller's monument. 
#32.00 Miller Family Cemetery, August 2008.
#32.00 Miller Family Cemetery, August 2008.
.. looking north. The three stones to the left are nos. 11, 12 and 13 on the key map. While the gravestones remain in fairly good condition, the lack of routine maintenance is evident in the increased amount of brush growth. 
#32.00 Miller Family Cemetery, November 2005
#32.00 Miller Family Cemetery, November 2005
.. from the northwest corner looking to the south. The small stone in the foreground is the pet stone No. 16, Jinx. To the left is No. 9. 


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
#32.01  Nathaniel and Ellen (Carman) Miller
#32.01 Nathaniel and Ellen (Carman) Miller
Located  01  Ellen (Elinor) R. Carman, ^ (d. 18 Dec 1914)
Nathaniel Miller, Jr. ^ (d. 23 Dec 1896)
#32.02  Kittie (Catherine) Miller
#32.02 Kittie (Catherine) Miller
Located  02  Catherine Miller, ^ (d. 5 Mar 1875)
#32.03  Freddy (Frederick) Miller
#32.03 Freddy (Frederick) Miller
Located  03  Frederick Miller, ^ (d. 19 Sep 1856)
#32.04 George B. Miller
#32.04 George B. Miller
Located  04  George B. Miller, ^ (d. 16 Mar 1865)
#32.05 Sarah and Mary Miller
#32.05 Sarah and Mary Miller
.. they were twins who died four months apart as young girls. 
Located  05  Mary Miller, ^ (d. 12 Sep 1872)
Sarah Miller, ^ (d. 4 May 1872)
#32.06  Dewitt Clinton Miller
#32.06 Dewitt Clinton Miller
Located  06  Dewitt Clinton Miller, ^ (d. 12 Jun 1852)
#32.07 Dewitt Clinton Miller
#32.07 Dewitt Clinton Miller
.. the younger 
Located  07  Dewitt Clinton Miller, ^ (d. 17 Nov 1826)
#32.08 Sarah N. Homan
#32.08 Sarah N. Homan
.. daughter of Oliver and Lucy Homan 
Located  08  Sarah Nutman Homan, ^ (d. 23 Dec 1868)
#32.09  Margaret Hanna
#32.09 Margaret Hanna
.. she was a servant to the Miller family. 
Located  09  Margaret Hanna, ^ (d. 18 Feb 1901)
#32.10  Edith Howard Miller
#32.10 Edith Howard Miller
.. the name of her parents were Frederic W. & Julia A. Miller. She died 4 Apr 1884; 1 yr 2 mos & 11 days. Gravestone read 28 Jan 2012. 
Located  10  Edith Howard Miller, ^ (d. 4 Apr 1884)
#32.11 Laura (Miller) Ashby
#32.11 Laura (Miller) Ashby
.. daughter of Dr. Nathaniel and Sarah Miller. 
Located  11  Laura C. Miller, ^ (d. 17 Aug 1865)
#32.12 Nathaniel Miller M.D.
#32.12 Nathaniel Miller M.D.
Located  12  Dr. Nathaniel Miller, Sr. ^ [g. 7] (d. 7 May 1863)
#32.13 Sarah (Havens)
#32.13 Sarah (Havens)
..wife of Nathaniel Miller M.D 
Located  13  Sarah Havens, ^ (d. 11 Oct 1863)
#32.14 Mary A.(Miller Andrews)
#32.14 Mary A.(Miller Andrews)
.. daughter of Dr. Nathaniel and Sarah Miller.

Even though she was married to William A. Andrews, and at the time of her death he was still living, no mention of this relationship appears on her headstone. 
Located  14  Mary A. Miller, ^ (d. 19 Oct 1881)