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Note: Living people and people who may still be living have been "privatized." Only their name appears here.

 #BS09 Rowland Burial Ground, Brookhaven Hamlet, Suffolk County, Brookhaven Town, NY, USA


This site contains a single gravestone: Betsey, Wife of Davis Rowland. It is located approximately 560 ft. south of South Country Rd. and 400 ft. west of Beaverdam Rd. near Beaverdam Creek (backyard of Bruce and Dorry Tooker home.)

It is said that there was at one time another gravestone at this site, but it no longer can be found.

This burial site has
Historic Sites
Ref. ID Br09C.1-S  and is #S9 on the Town of Brookhaven Historian's Supplemental Cemetery List.