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Note: Living people and people who may still be living have been "privatized." Only their name appears here.

Smithtown, Suffolk, New York



Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Darling, Adam >  31 Dec 1753Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7785
2 Darling, Adam  27 Dec 1798Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7795
3 Darling, Charles W. >  4 Sep 1797Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7767
4 Darling, Elizabeth  10 May 1780Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7789
5 Darling, Henry  4 Sep 1794Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7794
6 Darling, Jane  18 Nov 1782Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7790
7 Darling, Sarah (?)  28 Feb 1792Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7793
8 Darling, Tabitha  17 Mar 1778Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7788
9 Darling, William  23 Dec 1790Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7792
10 Darling, William  Abt 1806Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7797
11 Darling, [s.\Adam]  10 Dec 1799Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7796
12 Fanning, Catherine  26 Oct 1728Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I6839
13 Howell, Major Hezekiah II  13 Sep 1741Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7884
14 Jayne, Abigail  12 Jul 1828Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I13447
15 Jayne, Catherine  29 Oct 1755Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7813
16 Jayne, Ruth >  9 Jan 1760Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7786
17 Smith, Ebenezer "Bull"  20 Feb 1711/2Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8637
18 Smith, Epenetus "Bull"  11 Jan 1723/4Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8697
19 Smith, Isaac "Bull"  30 Oct 1745Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8730
20 Smith, James "Bull"  Abt 1691Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8692
21 Smith, Job (ii) "Bull"  9 Mar 1678/9Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8682
22 Smith, Nathaniel "Bull"  30 Jan 1697/8Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8650
23 Smith, Nathaniel "Bull"  16 Sep 1729Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8681
24 Smith, Richard "Bull"  9 Sep 1735Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8636
25 Smith, Solomon "Bull"  1704Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8677


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Darling, Adam >  29 Aug 1813Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7785
2 Darling, George  13 Mar 1866Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7802
3 Darling, Hamilton  7 May 1812Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7810
4 Darling, Jane  25 May 1864Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7790
5 Darling, John  Abt 1821Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7806
6 Darling, Sarah (?)  1793Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7793
7 Darling, Tabitha  Abt 1780Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7788
8 Darling, William  19 Jun 1802Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7792
9 Hussey, Sarah  17 Feb 1813Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7807
10 Jayne, Catherine  1 Jan 1823Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7813
11 Jayne, Ruth >  1 Aug 1840Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I7786
12 Reeves, Daniel  29 Mar 1806Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I10366
13 Smith, Aaron "Bull"  Jul 1746Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8691
14 Smith, Ebenezer "Bull"  Aug 1747Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8637
15 Smith, Isaac "Bull"  23 Aug 1775Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8730
16 Smith, Joseph "Bull"  1754Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8689
17 Smith, Nathaniel "Bull"  1783Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8681
18 Smith, Obadiah "Bull"  20 Aug 1680Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8645
19 Smith, Richard (i) "Bull" >  7 Mar 1691/2Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8639
20 Smith, Richard "Bull"  9 Apr 1812Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8636


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Nevins, Martin Van Buren  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I6977
2 Nicoll, Almina  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8773
3 Nicoll, Amanda  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8772
4 Nicoll, Benjamin >  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8768
5 Nicoll, Elisabeth  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8775
6 Nicoll, Emily  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8778
7 Nicoll, Frances  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8777
8 Nicoll, George B.  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8776
9 Nicoll, Hannah  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8770
10 Nicoll, John  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8774
11 Nicoll, Mary W.  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8779
12 Nicoll, Susan  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8771
13 Nicoll, William W. ^  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8764
14 [Nicoll], Elisabeth >  1850Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I8769


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 Jayne, Thomas  Smithtown, Suffolk, New York I13451


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Darling / Darling  1 Jun 1801Smithtown, Suffolk, New York F2808
2 Darling / Jayne  14 Jan 1773Smithtown, Suffolk, New York F2815
3 Darling / Jayne  2 Jul 1774Smithtown, Suffolk, New York F2803
4 Davis / Mills  Abt 1740Smithtown, Suffolk, New York F4935
5 Edwards / Smith  22 Feb 1792Smithtown, Suffolk, New York F6559
6 Smith / Howell  7 Sep 1730Smithtown, Suffolk, New York F3216
7 Smith / Sears  Abt 1720Smithtown, Suffolk, New York F3215
8 Smith / Smith  5 Apr 1744Smithtown, Suffolk, New York F3199


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Ericksen / Chamberlain  1958Smithtown, Suffolk, New York F6511