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Film:  'Race or Reason.  The Bellport Delimna'
Film: "Race or Reason. The Bellport Delimna"
.. About the reaction to the 2003 human rights video by Betty Puleston and Lynne Jackson as presented in the 2009 two-day "A Tribute to George Stoney" at The Museum of Modern Art, in February, 2009.
A discussion followed the screening. Two generations of youth from Bellport High School, LI, met and were transformed. The program was hosted by William Sloan, Curator Emeritus, MoMA Circulating Film Library and presented by George C. Stoney and David Bagnall, filmmakers. Dedicated to the memory of George Cashel Stoney, 1916-2012. MobilePhoneNewsReport by Donna Cameron.
Interview of George C. Stoney by Harold Channer
Interview of George C. Stoney by Harold Channer
.. George C. Stoney was a professor of film and cinema studies at New York University, and a pioneer in the field of documentary film. Stoney directed several influential films including All My Babies and How the Myth Was Made. He is considered as the father of public access television[1]. George Stoney studied journalism at NYU and the University of North Carolina. He has worked as a photo intelligence officer in World War II, for the Farm Security Administration an information officer, and as a freelance journalist. In 1946, he joined the Southern Educational Film Service as writer and director. He started his own production company in 1950, and has made over 40 documentary films on wide ranging subjects. All My Babies, one of his first films, received numerous awards and was inducted into the National Film Registry in 2002. Stoney was also the director of the Challenge for Change project, a socially active documentary production wing of the National Film Board of Canada from 1966-70. With Red Burns, Stoney co-founded the Alternate Media Center in 1972, which trained citizens in the tools of video production for a brand new medium, public access television. An early advocate of democratic media, Stoney is often cited as being the Father of Public Access Television. Today, Stoney sits on the Board of Directors for the Manhattan Neighborhood Network and is active in the Alliance for Community Media. Each year, the ACM presents "The George Stoney Award" to an organization or individual who has made an outstanding contribution to championing the growth and experience of humanistic community communications.
58 minutes.
Mandy Barnett & Ernie Sykes, Overweight Blues
Mandy Barnett & Ernie Sykes, Overweight Blues
.. Mandy Barnett & Ernie Sykes performing with an outstanding group of musicians at 3rd and Lindsley, Nashville, on April 23, 2011. Stu Basore on pedal steel, Andy Reiss on lead guitar, Harold Bradley on a 6-string bass, Gene Chrisman on drums, Dennis Crouch on bass and Tony Migliore on electric piano.