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August Hawkins and his sister Prudence around 1900

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Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets

Brookhaven and South Haven Hamlets are located in the southern part of the Town of Brookhaven  in Suffolk County, NY.  The Town of Brookhaven is the largest Town in land area in New York Statesee governmental units.

During much of the 19th century, Brookhaven was known as Fireplace; but this name has not been used since 1871 when it officially became Brookhaven.  Because the hamlet is in the Town of Brookhaven, there is regular confusion between them—it's almost become a habit when describing where I live to make it clear that it's the hamlet! 

Aerial View of Hamlet by Marty Van Lith.  Carmans River to right, Beaverdam Creek to left.  hamlet_aerial_van_lith.jpg (186346 bytes)As hamlets, Brookhaven and South Haven have no formal boundaries.  All would say that they are bounded on the south by the Great South Bay and most would say that Brookhaven's western boundary is the Village of Bellport ; and that South Haven's eastern boundary is the Carman's River and Shirley.  Brookhaven itself is bounded on the east by the lower reach of the Carman's River, the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge, and the Hamlet of South Haven.  South Haven and Brookhaven have long been closely associated communities, and from a historical perspective, I've treated them as one. Most residents would say that Brookhaven's northern boundary does not extend much north of the Sunrise Highway (NYS Route 27), especially since the Town Landfill can be found there—and that is, most assuredly, in the hamlet of Yaphank!  South Haven, on the other hand, is usually considered to include all of the South Haven County park, which is north of Sunrise Highway—but it could be said to be, at least in part, in Yaphank.

Both hamlets are situated within the South Country School District. the district's high school and one of its elementary schools are located in the hamlet of Brookhaven, while another special school (the former South Haven district elementary school), is located in South Haven

The boundaries of the "Brookhaven" Post Office, 11719, are greater than the Hamlet and includes South Haven.  So are the boundaries of the Brookhaven Fire District, the South Country Ambulance District, and the South Country School District (if you're not familiar with the oddity of special districts in New York State, none of boundaries of these districts make much sense today, nor are they contiguous.)  There is also a Historic District for much of the hamlet of Brookhaven.

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bullet Photographs and other views of our community 
bullet Carman's River
bulletVideo: Saving the Carman's River
bullet Beaverdam Creek
bullet Churches
bullet Homes
bullet Miscellaneous
bullet Pen and Ink Drawings by Ann Wiswall
bullet Photo Albums
bullet Significant Sites within Brookhaven and South Haven hamlets
bullet History topics include (partial listing below, click this entry for full listing):
bullet Historic Sites Database - Table of Sites (historic sites in the hamlets -- data sheets, pictures then & now, links) 
bullet Historical Sketches.  Stories and other bits n' pieces on the two hamlets history.
bullet Hamlet People Database (genealogies of the families of Brookhaven and South Haven Hamlets.)
bullet Biographical Sketches. Brief stories and bits n' pieces on some of the Hamlet People
bullet Cemeteries in the Hamlets
bullet Cemetery Lawsuit:  Fire Place History Club sues the Town of Brookhaven to force cemetery maintenance
bullet Hamlet Study (November 1995) The Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlet Study was prepared by representatives of Brookhaven and South Haven Hamlets as part of the Community Based Planning Program of the Town of Brookhaven.
bullet Beaver Dam Creek Watershed Management Plan (June 2009). This external document, prepared for the New York State Department of State, characterizes the natural resources, identifies known impairments, inventories existing land uses and open space, provides a comprehensive stormwater infrastructure inventory, determines critical stormwater runoff areas, recommends actions to prevent further degradation, as well as develops an implementation strategy to restore the watershed.
bullet Map of Long Island showing location of Brookhaven Hamlet
bullet Street Map of the Brookhaven Hamlet
bullet Fire Place Historic District Map showing boundaries of the district
bullet Historical Maps of the Brookhaven Hamlet area.
bulletFlood Maps FIRMs and SLOSH
bullet 1994 USGS Aerial Photo of Brookhaven Hamlet Area (at MSN Terra Server)
bullet USGS Topo Map of Brookhaven Hamlet Area (at
bullet Presentations From time-to-time various folks make presentations of general interest to the Brookhaven and South Haven Communities. Topic include (partial listing):
bullet History of the Carman's River by Marty Van Lith (March 2008, Brookhaven Free Library)
bullet History of Beaver Dam Creek by Marty Van Lith (March 2008)

Community Links

bulletThe Brookhaven Village Association is a civic group serving Brookhaven Hamlet since 1906, making it one of the oldest such organizations in the Town of Brookhaven.
bulletPost-Morrow Foundation dedicated to the preservation of the rural character of the Hamlet and the surrounding areas.
bulletThe Dennis Puleston Osprey Fund encourages research about ospreys on Long Island, improving their nesting opportunities and educating the public about them.  View live an osprey nest at the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge
bullet Brookhaven Free Library our local community minded, family oriented library that focuses on children's services and provides access to timely information technology and current materials for adults in a variety of formats. "
bullet Friends of the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge dedicated to the protection, management and appreciation of Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge and its environs
bullet Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society preserves the history of East Patchogue, Bellport, and Brookhaven Hamlet. It maintains a museum and archives in the Village of Bellport.
bulletSouth Bay Scooter Club.  Rich in history and tradition, the South Bay Scooter Club is the oldest ice scooter club in the United States. Established in 1921 the club pursues active ice-boat racing in the winter-time. This site also has a history and old pictures of ice boats and  scooters.
bullet South Country Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to improving educational opportunities for all students in the South Country School District. 
bullet Old South Haven Presbyterian Church
bullet St. James Episcopal Church.
bullet Bellport Yacht Club.  Our local yacht club.
bullet Carman's River Maritime Center operates an educational facility for the building, restoration and repair of wooden boats and to sustain maritime skills and traditions, particularly those associated with Brookhaven Hamlet and Great South Bay.
bulletBrookhaven Community Coalition, a diverse partnership of stakeholder organizations who strive to safeguard and enhance our communities’ quality of life. Originally formed in March 2011 as the Stop the Sludge (STS) Coalition to stop bio-solid wastewater sludge from being further disposed of at the Town of Brookhaven Landfill. its mission has expanded to concentrate on other issues that are affecting our neighborhoods’ health and safety.
bullet Boys and Girls Club of the Bellport Area is one of our local youth organizations.  While their club house is located outside Brookhaven Hamlet proper, they service youth throughout the South Country School District area.
bullet Hamlet Organic Garden (H.O.G.) is a local Community Supported Agriculture project.  The Garden has been growing produce on a 5-acre certified organic field since about 1994.  There are over 1000 CSA's nationally.

Video:  Saving the Carman's River.
  Produced by the Long Island Pine Barrens Society.  Used by permission
Film is 30 minutes long.  Requires Windows Media Player or similar software installed on your computer.  Original DVD has been reformatted for web viewing.
© 2010 L.I. Pine Barrens Society.
This video is also available from the L.I. Pine Barrens Society web site.

10 October 2010

A Town of Brookhavens study committee has been undertaking since the Fall of 2010 to put together a preservation plan for the Carman's River. The plan is still coming together and the town places updated information on this web site. The plan is due to the Town supervisor on January 20th.

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